You love your ride. You spent half of your savings on its tires and are positively persnickety about maintaining its exterior. Whether your vehicle is a current-year sports car or simply something you care deeply about, you’ve probably been accused of being a car snob. But you can’t help it!

The day will come, though, when your beloved car sustains a ding, either from a wayward pebble thrown up by the tires or a careless coworker in the parking lot. After all, cars are meant to be driven; there’s little you can do to absolutely forbid dents from happening.

The good thing to know is that you don’t need to be a dent expert to fix your prized car; Dent Heads of Bloomington will take care of everything for you.

Paintless Dent Repair from Dent Heads: An Effective, Affordable, Stress-Free Dent Solution

Perhaps you’re a little nervous leaving your car in the care of strangers. We understand! After all, it’s an important possession to you. Rest assured, though, that your anxiety will melt away as soon as you walk through our doors. As car dent repair specialists, we’ve taken care of countless vehicular troubles, from crumpled finishing to the irritating door ding. We’ve got the experience and know-how to set your mind at ease.

Our technique, too, is perfect for the driver who sees their car as more than what gets them from point A to point B.

Our Hail Damage Repair Methods Are Quick

You’ll be back on the roads, feeling the wind through your sunroof in hours—no need to leave your car for days, as is the case with traditional auto shops.

Paintless Dent Repair Is Affordable

This means that you can keep coming back, again and again, to keep your treasured car looking its best—no need to fret about finances.

Our Techniques Are Effective

So long as your car doesn’t have any paint missing, we can restore its exterior to its factory-finish look. When you care about your car as much as you do, nothing else is acceptable!

Don’t buy it yet? Just ask our loads of satisfied customers, and check out even more of them on our BBB page.

What About ADAS Vehicles?

Is your beloved car a modern marvel? Do you love how it has your back with its driving assistance features? Such features are called ADAS—short for Advanced Driver’s Assistance Systems. From lane-changing indicators to parking assistance, these technologies help keep you safe on the road, not to mention make your morning commute a whole lot less stressful. They can even help prevent dents in the first place!

ADAS cars generally don’t mix well with paintless dent repair if the technician doesn’t know what they’re doing. Because they rely on the vehicle holding a steady shape, removing parts of the car during the car dent repair process can “confuse” them; they require recalibration after the repair process finishes, or else they can be downright inaccurate.

But don’t fret—we at Dent Heads are ADAS experts! We’ll take it upon ourselves to recalibrate your system before you leave the shop so that you can hit the road in safety and comfort. We’ve done the legwork to educate ourselves on a variety of systems, so you can rest easy knowing that your prized automated automobile is in competent hands.

For more on ADAS cars and paintless dent repair, check out our blog on the subject.

What About Collector’s Vehicles?

Is a bit of retro flair more your speed? We got you. Collectors' vehicles are safe in our shop, as we’ve detailed in our blog. Paintless dent repair is, in fact, the ideal method for fixing up the dings on these sorts of vehicles.

Because it doesn’t rely on matching paint colors that are out of make, the process is far less stressful, far quicker, and provides far better results than traditional auto repair shops can. Plus, if your car is two-toned—as many old-school cars can be—you won’t need to worry about matching the gradient perfectly.

For more on collector’s cars and paintless dent repair, check out another one of our blogs on the topic.

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