Paintless dent repair has the advantages of being fast and environmentally friendly, but it is also incredibly versatile. Most people think this technique is only good for car dent repair, but all sorts of vehicles can benefit from paintless dent repair and have their exteriors restored to look factory-fresh.


What kinds of vehicles can Dent Heads of Minneapolis fix by using paintless dent repair? The possibilities are almost endless.

Motorcycle Dent Repair

Our technicians understand how important your bike is to you. After all, the motorcycle lifestyle isn’t a cheap one! Whether you own a Harley or a Honda, Dent Heads can repair almost any dent or crease in your bike’s finish to make it look good as new. Our experienced and friendly paintless dent repair technicians are skilled in the following:


●        Motorcycle gas tank dent repair. A dent in your fuel tank requires a specialized type of expertise. Because the metal is thick and curved, it’s particularly tricky for anyone who specializes in motorcycle paintless dent removal. Luckily, our staff is up to the challenge!

●        Hail Damage. Happen to get caught in an unfortunate summer storm? You may have been able to weather the weather in proper motorcycle gear, but your bike might not have been so lucky. Dentheads can make those unsightly hail dents a thing of the past.

●        Assorted dents and creases. From a rock flying up from underneath your tire to the unfortunate slight fender bender, there are countless hazards on the road that can cause creases in your bike’s finish. As long as there’s only damage to the bike’s finish, Dent Heads can fully repair it.

Mobile Paintless Dent Repair for Fleet Vehicles

Paintless dent repair’s speed and mobility make it a great candidate for the repair of fleet vehicles, such as semis and the like. To have the main facilitator of your income stuck in the shop for days, as often is the case with traditional methods, certainly isn’t economically feasible!


Because we at Dent Heads can come to you, you can simply give us a call when you’re in the area to set up an appointment. Whether you’re a fleet operator or a trucker that owns a vehicle, mobile paintless dent repair is only a quick pit stop; your truck will be back on the road in no time.

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