Acronyms seem to be everywhere these days. Text lingo is one example. While they’re convenient ways to shorthand stuff, in many contexts not fully understanding what they mean can lead to drastic consequences – ADAS and car dent repair being no exception.


That’s why Dent Heads, as your  Bloomington paintless dent repair pros, is here to break things down below.

What’s ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. No, they’re not like having an annoying passenger playing armchair quarterback!


In short, they’re pieces of technology implemented into a variety of newer car models that are designed to make the driving experience easier and safer. They can include, but are not limited to:


●        Backup cameras, which automatically activate when a car shifts into reverse and provide a clear view behind a vehicle.


●        Adaptive cruise control, which takes away the danger of speeding by maintaining a steady pace.


●        Blind spot alerts, which activate when there is an obstacle outside of a driver’s view.


●        Automatic emergency brakes, which kick into gear in the event of a collision.


While they’re not a substitute for safe and well-honed driving skills, ADAS technology can serve as an aid, smoothing out everyday hiccups and keeping both you and other drivers safe.

How Does ADAS Affect the Dent Removal Process?

Like we said, cars with ADAS are simpler to drive, but the driver themselves still bears the primary responsibility for how they operate the vehicle. So yes, your ADAS-equipped car can still find itself in need of hail damage repair or the like


However, if you take your ADAS vehicle to the wrong specialist, these advanced features will be rendered useless. These technologies are calibrated to your car’s exterior, and when parts are removed by the specialist to access certain dents, they lose their sync with your vehicle.


You’d then need to pay for additional calibration services from a separate company if you want your car to be safe to drive again, but not if you work with Dent Heads! We see recalibration as part of the job, and that’s why we’ve integrated it seamlessly into our dent repair process.


For simple dents, use common sense: Shop with a local company who can do it all!

Dent Heads Is Ready to Serve You

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