Dispelling Three Common Paintless Dent Repair Myths

Paintless dent repair is a relatively new technique when the whole field of car dent repair is considered. With any new method of doing things, a few misunderstandings are bound to crop up among proponents and naysayers alike, and PDR is no exception—so we at Dent Heads are here to set the record straight.

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All You Need to Know About Shopping Cart Dents

It’s rude enough when people don’t put their shopping carts back in the corral, but when they somehow dent your vehicle with them, well, that’s downright uncouth! Plus, if your vehicle comes with ADAS technologies, such as lane departure or forward collision warnings, you can’t just go anywhere to have your shopping cart dent repaired; when you have a higher-end car, simple dents from the grocery store parking lot become a lot more complicated.

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Does Paintless Dent Repair Work on Classic Cars?

While classical music may not generally be thought of as “cool,” classic cars certainly are! From sleek old convertibles to iconically blocky station wagons, every old car has that certain something to it that makes it a statement piece, and you know it. You’re the proud owner of a classic car, after all!

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How Dent Heads Earns Such Great Reviews for Paintless Dent Repair

If you’ve kept up with our paintless dent repair blog, you’ll remember that we’ve talked about the importance of reviews when it comes to finding an awesome car dent repair technician. If you followed the next logical step and checked out ours, you’ll have noticed they’re overwhelmingly positive. We’re proud to have served so many satisfied customers, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future!

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Can Paintless Dent Repair Remove Dents After I Hit a Deer?

They’re a Midwest menace, dashing across highways at speeds seemingly higher than traffic and putting themselves – and you – in harm’s way. We’re talking about deer, of course! You’d be hard-pressed to find a Minnesotan who hasn’t hit one at least once in their lives, or knows someone who has. As sad as it is, it’s all too common around these parts.

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Why Reviews Matter When Selecting a Paintless Dent Repair Company

Though we at Dent Heads understand your gusto—we are paintless dent repair pros, after all—we’re here to remind you that quality car dent repair matters, as we’ve stated on our hail dent repair blog. While anyone can pick up a set of tools and call themselves a dent-repairing pro, it takes time, patience, and grit to make your car look as good as it deserves.

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Why Is My Car Dented?

However, we also know that protecting your car from absolutely everything that could damage it is nearly impossible. From freak hail storms to a wayward pebble tossed up under your wheel, Minnesota is filled with exterior-busting hazards, ones that need the help of a professional car dent repair specialist to fix. Absolutely preventing dents is simply not feasible, but there are steps you can take to drastically reduce the number of dings that crop up on your vehicle.

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Should I Wait Until Spring to Get My Car Dents Fixed?

While you’ve probably read our recent paintless dent repair blog on the importance of taking care of your vehicle’s exterior maintenance before wintertime, you may still wonder if repairing dents in the winter is even an option. Is this season meant to be avoided altogether when it comes to hail damage repair?

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How to Prevent Wintertime Ice Dings

While you may have lived here long enough to be impervious to the effects of such a strange climate, your car might not be so lucky. The icy rain and near-hail we’ve had lately probably has caught at least some of our readers off guard. If it has, stop in at Bloomington’s Dent Heads for swift hail damage repair today! Our technicians will get you back on the road in no time.

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Preventing Door Dings: A Guide from a Paintless Dent Repair Company

We’ve all been there: come out to your car after a long day at work and cringe at the new dings on your driver and passenger sides. No doubt, these were caused by some clumsy client or coworker who rushed to get in or out of the office and flung their own car’s doors open to do so, hitting yours in the process. How negligent!

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