Why Paintless Dent Repair is Perfect for Your New Car

Paintless dent repair is the ideal form of car dent repair for your new vehicle, should it inevitably end up with a dreaded ding.

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Why You Should Get Those Dents on Your Car Repaired

If you’re like many people, you meet dents on your car with disappointment, maybe a cringe, but nothing more. You’ve got more important things to worry about when it comes to your car, and if these dents don’t impact your vehicle from a functional standpoint, what’s the point of repairing them?

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Why Dent Heads is the Best Paintless Dent Removal Company in the Twin Cities

If you’re in the market for paintless dent repair (or any kind of car dent repair, really) you’ve got a huge variety of businesses to choose from. From traditional auto hail damage repair businesses to modernized paintless dent removal companies like us, you’re inundated with choices. It can sometimes feel so overwhelming that you just want to do an internet search on “car dent repair near me” and do business with the first company that pops up!

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Get Your Car in Great Shape for Summer with Paintless Dent Repair

Summer is right around the corner! As the temperatures climb, many Minnesotans are making all sorts of preparations for the warmer season, from refurbishing their boats to cleaning up their landscaping. But have you ever thought about including your car in your pre-summer arrangements? Making small improvements to your vehicle is the perfect way to ring in the season.

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Is Paintless Dent Repair Really Greener than Its Competition?

In today’s world, the health of the environment and sustainability is becoming ever the growing concern. People everywhere are striving to make their lives greener, from purchasing reusable straws to changing their diets. We all can make a difference in one way or another when it comes to the planet we live on—even if that is in the form of environmentally friendly car dent repair methods.

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How Paintless Dent Repair is Better than its Traditional Competition

Paintless dent repair is certainly a new innovation when it comes to car dent repair. Traditional methods that use sanding and paint have been around for quite a while. You might be leery of putting your beloved vehicle in the hands of paintless dent repair technicians, as skilled as they are, because you might feel that a tried-and-true technique that has worked fine for years will work fine now.

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Spring Dent Hazards to Be Aware Of

The birds are singing, the snow is melting, the temperatures are climbing, which means spring is in the air! Though, as welcome an occurrence as this can be in Minnesota, it can be very hard on our cars—and not just from a rust standpoint. With the more hospitable weather comes countless new dent hazards that all responsible drivers should make themselves aware of.

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Is Paintless Dent Repair Right for You?

If your car has a dent, be it large or small, you no doubt have looked into repair methods. After all, the vehicle you transport yourself and your family around in says a lot about who you are. If you’re toting around a dented car, imagine what kind of an impression that makes!

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What Traditional Auto Shops Can’t Bring You, Dent Heads Can

While we at Dent Heads understand the value of tradition in some contexts, we believe that traditional car dent repair methods are long due for an overhaul. From the amount of time these methods take to fix even the simplest dents, which can take weeks, to how damaging they can be to the surrounding environment, there are countless indications that the old way of doing things in the car dent repair industry has run its course. It no longer fits in with our fast-paced and modern lives, and can no longer supply today’s consumers with the kind of service they need.

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What it Takes to be a Paintless Dent Repair Tech

In this day and age, anyone can order a paintless dent repair kit online, try it out once or twice, and call themselves a pro. However, at Dent Heads, we firmly believe that this title is not one to be held lightly. The truly skilled paintless dent repair technician will have gone through extensive training in the field of car dent repair and is truly passionate about what they do. They will have familiarized themselves with some of the lesser-known tools of the trade, as well as be able to explain what they’re doing in plain English. You’ll find just these kinds of technicians at Dent Heads!

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