What Can Dent Heads Do to Work Within My Budget?

Times are hard out there right now, but that doesn’t mean your car needs to, or should, suffer. For many, their vehicle is a source of personal pride, in addition to something that gets them from point A to point B. While we at Dent Heads don’t advocate your spending your money irresponsibly, we understand and do advocate taking care of yourself by keeping up with the things you love during these trying circumstances.

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What it Takes to Work for Dent Heads

We at Dent Heads believe that the companies who are the pickiest about their employees are the ones who offer the best service. After all, at the end of the day, the workers themselves interact with clients on a day-to-day basis, who foster an accepting workplace and business culture, and who are the heart and soul of a given company.

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Care About your Car? Here’s What You Need for Dent Repair

You love your ride. You spent half of your savings on its tires and are positively persnickety about maintaining its exterior. Whether your vehicle is a current-year sports car or simply something you care deeply about, you’ve probably been accused of being a car snob. But you can’t help it—your car was a significant investment! Of course, you want to take the best care of it that you can. Honestly, who can blame you for that?

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Why Dent Heads is the Ideal Car Dent Repair for You This Summer

We needn’t dive too far into it—recent events, in Minnesota especially, have meant that day-to-day life has gotten tougher for everyone. With so much on all of our plates, looking into car dent repair is probably one of the last things on your to-do list. You might think that the process is extensive, and you don’t want to tackle it until you have the mental space and time.

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Eco-Conscious? Paintless Dent Repair is Perfect for You

Car dent repair and hail dent repair often are fraught with potentially environmentally harmful processes. Paintless dent repair is far from that.

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Why Paintless Dent Repair is Perfect for Your New Car

Paintless dent repair is the ideal form of car dent repair for your new vehicle, should it inevitably end up with a dreaded ding.

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Why You Should Get Those Dents on Your Car Repaired

If you’re like many people, you meet dents on your car with disappointment, maybe a cringe, but nothing more. You’ve got more important things to worry about when it comes to your car, and if these dents don’t impact your vehicle from a functional standpoint, what’s the point of repairing them?

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Why Dent Heads is the Best Paintless Dent Removal Company in the Twin Cities

If you’re in the market for paintless dent repair (or any kind of car dent repair, really) you’ve got a huge variety of businesses to choose from. From traditional auto hail damage repair businesses to modernized paintless dent removal companies like us, you’re inundated with choices. It can sometimes feel so overwhelming that you just want to do an internet search on “car dent repair near me” and do business with the first company that pops up!

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Get Your Car in Great Shape for Summer with Paintless Dent Repair

Summer is right around the corner! As the temperatures climb, many Minnesotans are making all sorts of preparations for the warmer season, from refurbishing their boats to cleaning up their landscaping. But have you ever thought about including your car in your pre-summer arrangements? Making small improvements to your vehicle is the perfect way to ring in the season.

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Is Paintless Dent Repair Really Greener than Its Competition?

In today’s world, the health of the environment and sustainability is becoming ever the growing concern. People everywhere are striving to make their lives greener, from purchasing reusable straws to changing their diets. We all can make a difference in one way or another when it comes to the planet we live on—even if that is in the form of environmentally friendly car dent repair methods.

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