If you find yourself driving down the road and hail suddenly starts bouncing off the roof of your car, here’s what you need to know. If the hail is large enough to damage your car or make the roads unsafe, locate a safe place nearby to pull over and wait out the storm.


Once the storm passes, check the extent of the damage to your vehicle to make sure it is still safe to drive. For example, you don’t want to be driving with a cracked windshield or damage so severe that it compromises the structural integrity of the car.

Evaluate the Extent of the Damage

The results of getting caught in a hailstorm can range from almost nothing to damage so severe the car needs to be declared a salvage vehicle. If you’re lucky, you might get away with a few minor dings that Dent Heads can easily repair. However, there’s a reason hail damage insurance claims are on the rise, and that’s because hail can cause a lot of damage, with repair costs running in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.


When it comes to damage, it’s always best to have it repaired by a qualified PDR technician at Dent Heads. If you have 10 or more dents, it is in your best interest to contact your insurance company and then reach out to Dent Heads.  Our qualified technicians can look at your vehicle and determine what next steps you need to take to restore the body.


Check Your Insurance Policy

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the liability portion of your insurance policy automatically covers hail damage because it may not. If your auto policy includes comprehensive coverage, then the insurance company will pay for the repairs, minus the deductible.


However, many people (especially those with older cars) don’t include comprehensive insurance on their policies so that they can pay lower premiums. So be sure to check whether you have coverage before submitting a claim.

The Extent of Your Auto Body Repair

In addition to your insurance coverage, there are many other things to consider when deciding what type of auto body repair you will need for your vehicle.


●        The appearance of your car. If the car is relatively new and still looking good, most people will want to keep it that way, especially if the cost won’t take too big of a bite out of your bank account.

●        Trade-in value. If your car was in good shape prior to the hailstorm, repairing the damage will give you the maximum trade-in or resale value of your car.

●        How long you plan to keep it. If hail has caused structural damage to your car and you plan to keep it, then you will find it’s worth it to repair the body.

Schedule Paintless Dent Repair at Dent Heads Auto Body Shop

Do you need minor dents removed from your vehicle? At Dent Heads, we remove door dings, creases, hail damage, and dents from your vehicle while keeping the original paint job intact. Drop your car off at our shop in Bloomington, or we can come to you with our remote dent removal services! We offer both in-shop and mobile services throughout the Twin Cities metro area.


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