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Is a paint chip on your car compromising its appearance? Dent Heads has the tools and expertise to repair your vehicle’s chipped paint with precision and accuracy! Simply bring in your vehicle and its paint, and we’ll take care of the rest! We can also assist you with ordering the correct paint from your dealer to maximize results.

Put your trust in our professional auto paint technicians, and you’ll experience the best paint chip repair in the Twin Cities area. From door dings to hail storms, no paint chip is too complex for the highly trained team at Dent Heads!

When supplied with the accurate paint code and formula, our technicians will utilize the latest industry tools to make your paint chip a thing of the past. Check out our gallery and see for yourself!

How We Fix Chipped Paint on Your Vehicle

Our five-star technicians are so accurate at restoring paint chips, you won’t be able to tell there was damage in the first place!

At Dent Heads, we’re committed to supplying our customers with unmatched paint chip repair services. Following a detailed and consistent repair process helps us deliver on that promise.

Conduct a Thorough Inspection

While there may be one large blemish that you can’t take your eyes off, there’s a chance there’s more damage on your vehicle that you might’ve looked past. We’ll conduct a professional inspection of your vehicle’s exterior to properly size and calculate each paint chip.

Document and Estimate

After inspecting your vehicle’s paint chip, we’ll take photographs of the damage for thorough documentation. We’ll conduct an estimate so you know exactly what to expect from your repair service and await any approval that may be required from you and your insurance company.

Professional Paint Chip Repair

Finally, we’ll utilize top-quality materials and unmatched experience to repair your paint chip. We can repair the blemish in two ways: using the paint you bring in, or by contacting your vehicle’s dealership for an exact paint match. Once we have the paint, we use close precision and attention to detail to ensure all aspects of your repair are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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When you need a fast and professional paint chip repair service, Dent Heads is the company you can count on. Our team brings years of experience and rock chip paint repair expertise to every service, and we know what it takes to repair damage carefully and accurately, so that the blemish is never noticeable again.

Contact the Dent Heads team today to get started on your service! You can reach us online or by calling our Bloomington location at 612-986-1171.