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Don’t leave your car at the body shop for weeks or more. After a hail storm hits, contact Dent Heads! We are the go-to source for hail damage repair in Bloomington and the Twin Cities metro area. With our in-shop and mobile paintless dent repair services, getting your hail damage removed is quick and convenient. You’d be amazed to see what our skilled technicians can do. We have experience restoring cars with as many as 700 hail dents!

Because of hail’s unpredictability, vehicle damage can range from minor dings to broken windshields and extremely large dents. If your damage is light to moderate, paintless dent repair could be the perfect solution – but we have to see the dents first to determine if that’s the case. Text or email us a photo of your auto hail damage, and we’ll let you know if it’s doable. If the damage is too severe for paintless dent repair, we have partnerships with body shops around the metro and are happy to give you a referral.

Insurance and Repair Process

So you’ve just been through a hailstorm, and your vehicle was hit. What now? Simply give Dent Heads a call to schedule repair time—we will handle the rest. We work with all insurance providers and have a great reputation throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

When you drop your vehicle off at our shop, we will be sure to have a loaner or rental vehicle available for you. We just ask that your vehicle be washed before you drop it off for repair. At that point, our skilled technicians will perform an estimate. To do this, we use specially designed LED lights that highlight all of the hail dents on each panel of the vehicle. Our technicians physically go through and circle each dent to come up with a total count for each panel, along with the size classification. We also determine what type of material your panel is made of—whether it’s aluminum, steel, or ultra high strength. Different materials require more or less repair time. We also look for damaged moldings or any other damaged part from the hailstorm.

Next, we photograph everything and upload the images to our estimating software. After that, we are able to submit a line item estimate to you and your insurance provider for review and approval.

Once a repair is approved, we will order any necessary parts immediately and then start the paintless dent repair process. When it comes to hoods and trunks, we usually have to remove the interior liner, along with the hood/trunk itself, and set them on specialized wheeled stands so we are able to work the damage from multiple angles. With the roofs, we need to drop the headliner so we can gain access to the backside of the hail damage. For the roof rails or areas that are double walled (aka no access), we perform what is called “glue pulling.” We have specially designed tabs and glue to actually pull each dent up and out, at which point we blend everything perfectly flat again.

Once all of the hail has been repaired, we “build” the car by reinstalling everything we had taken apart. At this point, we would install any moldings or parts that were damaged, wash the vehicle, and reach out to you for delivery.

At pick up you are responsible for your deductible and dropping off your fueled-up rental/loaner vehicle–after that, you’re good to go! By the way–during your hail repair, some of your door dings may vanish as well at no additional charge!

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At Dent Heads, we are passionate about repairing hail damage and have restored thousands of hail damaged vehicles, from large automotive dealership losses, to medium-sized corporate fleets, to the individual person. We treat everyone the same and are deeply committed to achieving high-quality and an overall great experience for every customer. For more information about insurance or our services, or to obtain a free quote, please contact us today!