The beauty of a well-kept collector’s vehicle blows even the layperson out of the water. Think about it: even young kids will gawk at old cars from the backseat, either noticing the unique pastel coloration, pointy shape, or the still-shiny paint.


However, attention-drawing power this grand doesn’t come without a fair deal of investment. Collector vehicles must be constantly worked on, from the transmission to the brakes, to remain drivable—and don’t even get us started on the finish! A dent or ding in the side of your collector’s vehicle quickly ruins the old-school sass and charm that so many old car aficionados hold dear.


Luckily, paintless dent repair can quickly and efficiently make those dents disappear, and it’s the perfect solution for a dented collector’s vehicle. Read on to discover why from Dent Heads, a Bloomington car dent repair specialist.

Restore Your Vehicle to Its Former Glory

You may be tempted to bring your old-school vehicle in to a traditional dent repair facility, especially if it’s an easy fix for a seasoned professional, such as in the case of auto hail damage repair. However, traditional facilities that do car dent repair near you often use paint and putty to fill dents, and this approach often won’t work for old cars. But why? Haven’t those traditional methods worked for years?


Sort of. The problem here lies in the paint, and a botched paint job can quickly ruin the sleek finish that’s so coveted in collector’s vehicles.


●        Paint matching is difficult. Even with cars that are still on the market today, creating the exact hue that fits your vehicle is a daunting task. Everything from sunlight to the standard margin of error that is permissible in manufacturing means that every car is an individual when it comes to color. Matching that color is a complicated, subjective process that leaves a lot of room for error.

●        You might not be able to find color information on your older vehicle. Many car manufacturers have information about the color of all their previous makes on file, but with older vehicles, an exact match can be hard to track down. This makes the painting process even more subjective for collector’s vehicles!

●        Two-toned car? Good luck matching that! Depending on the make, some older cars can have two or more paint colors, which exponentially increases the risk of painting error.


Paintless dent repair, on the other hand, is strictly mechanical—there is no paint involved. We simply pop the dent back out of your vehicle’s exterior for a perfectly sleek finish.

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If you’re worried about driving your collector’s vehicle with a compromised finish, don’t worry; we also offer mobile paintless dent repair! To see what we can do to get your car looking like new, call us now at 612-986-1171.