Dents come in all shapes and sizes and are caused by all sorts of things. Trust us: as Bloomington’s top-notch paintless dent repair professionals, we would know! 

However, we also know that protecting your car from absolutely everything that could damage it is nearly impossible. From freak hail storms to a wayward pebble tossed up under your wheel, Minnesota is filled with exterior-busting hazards, ones that need the help of a professional car dent repair specialist to fix. 

Absolutely preventing dents is simply not feasible, but there are steps you can take to drastically reduce the number of dings that crop up on your vehicle. 

Step number one: Know your dent types. 

By understanding what might have made a specific blemish, you’ll be able to avoid that same type of damage in the future. Who better to teach you all about dent identification than professional hail damage repair and car dent repair pros at Dent Heads?

Name That Dent!

Of course, it goes without saying that not all dents will fall into a singular neat category. Life is unpredictable, and every paintless dent repair pro has their own way of naming and tackling those detrimental dings. 

However, having a cursory idea of dent shapes and their causes can, like we said, help you to avoid them after your car leaves our shop.

Perfectly Round

Perfectly round yet irregularly distributed dents are hail dents! Balls of ice falling from the sky can indeed do quite a bit of damage to your vehicle. 

Consider investing in a sturdier structure like a carport to park your car in, or see if you can make room in your garage for it. Keep an eye on the weather, too, and get your vehicle to safety if you think hail will happen again.

Shallow Dents

Shallow dents on your vehicle’s side are most likely from other uncourteous drivers dinging your door with their own as they park and exit their vehicles. 

While we have a whole paintless dent repair blog entry on how to avoid these dings, the gist is this: Try to park far away from other people.

Long Dents

Long dents that look like slash marks with the paint intact are often the result of your car having an unfortunate meeting with something sharp. 

Sometimes this can come from careless driving, but other times it can come from something as simple as a tool being left out in your garage. 

Spring Dent Hazards

Watch out for these springtime dent hazards while you’re out enjoying Minnesota’s big melt!

Stray or Wild Animals

As the weather warms and certain wild animals, like squirrels, come out of their nests more often than they have in previous months, it can be a fairly common occurrence for these creatures to make poorly timed road crossings. 

As sad as this can be, larger animals, such as deer, can leave your vehicle with significant damage. Make sure to get these checked out by a car dent repair specialist ASAP.


Melted snow can expose potholes, and while these might be unlikely to damage your vehicle's exterior, rocks and other small pieces of the road can still break off near these areas and cause quite a ding. 

Slow, careful driving is a crucial preventative measure.

Summer Dent Hazards

The warmest months of the year are active here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes! Steer clear of these summer dent hazards. 


Some of the most common dings occur in your garage from an overabundance of items, so stay on top of decluttering. Additionally, parking in public spaces can be another area of concern, and it's not uncommon for there to be minor accidents with other drivers. 

So, if you're parking in a lot, try to find a spot away from other people, and if it's a packed location, use caution when backing out and opening your door.


The warmer months mean children will be outside playing, making your car vulnerable to damage from sports equipment like baseballs or basketballs. 

To help negate this, find a space inside your garage or in the driveway away from the street, can help reduce the risk of your car getting dented.

Shopping Carts

While each season has unique challenges to be aware of, daily experiences like going to shopping centers can also make it more tricky. 

Not everyone chooses to put their shopping cart away, and icy conditions or the right wind gust can send one flying into your vehicle and create a repair headache you don’t want to deal with. 

Fall Dent Hazards

As the autumn chill sets in, prepare for a host of new dent hazards.

Flying Debris

Minnesota is known for its windstorms, so one of the first situations to look for is flying or falling debris. Anything from tree branches to yard items can get tossed around in high wind gusts and hit your vehicle. 

Staying diligent is key, and if you get caught in a windstorm. Remember to remain alert, keep a safe distance from other cars, and avoid distractions like checking your phone or eating while driving.


No matter your location, there’s a good chance in the fall, you will encounter hail. While hail damage can be an easy repair, there are a few ways to reduce your risk. 

Staying on top of weather forecasts and parking in a covered space can be helpful. 

You can also purchase a high-quality cover for added protection, and if you don't have hail coverage on your insurance policy, consider purchasing it as extra coverage. 

Winter Dent Hazards

Minnesota’s infamous winter season is perhaps the most trying time for your vehicle in multiple ways. Stay vigilant to protect your vehicle against these cold weather threats. 

Cars That Park too Close

In the winter, commute times run long, and everyone is rushing to get inside, away from the cold. This can lead to quite a bit of careless door-flinging when people exit their vehicles, which leads to other vehicles becoming dented. 

Invest in a good paintless dent repair job and try to park further away from your destination's entrance, where there tends to be a smaller concentration of vehicles.

Wayward Ice Chunks

At a high enough velocity, almost anything can cause a dent in your car's finish. Yes, this includes ice chunks. 

Properly de-icing your vehicle before you leave for work each morning can help keep its exterior looking sleek and strong.

Slush-Related Accidents

Anyone who has driven through semi-melted slush will attest to how slippery it can be! As a Minnesotan driver, you probably have experience with this sort of thing. But even if you do, unexpected slippery patches can still be quite the hazard. 

Be careful when driving in any sort of inclement weather. Don’t be afraid to go beneath the speed limit!

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