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When Can Windshield Rock Chips be Repaired?

It’s an all-too-common, yet stomach-dropping experience: a pebble pings off your windshield as you hurtle down the road, leaving a star-shaped ding in your glass behind. This is far from a mere cosmetic defect; it majorly compromises the integrity of your windshield, meaning that it now is far less able to protect you and your passengers.

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How Headlight Restoration Works

Headlights just not as bright as they used to be? Chances are, if your bulbs aren’t the problem, you need headlight restoration. This pro-provided service, also called headlight cleaning, is the one cure for cloudy headlights—don’t bother trying to get it done at home, as the process is quite multifaceted. Plus, if done incorrectly or unnecessarily, the headlight restoration process can actually damage your headlights!

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