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Preventing Door Dings: A Guide from a Paintless Dent Repair Company

We’ve all been there: come out to your car after a long day at work and cringe at the new dings on your driver and passenger sides. No doubt, these were caused by some clumsy client or coworker who rushed to get in or out of the office and flung their own car’s doors open to do so, hitting yours in the process. How negligent!

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How Does Paintless Dent Repair Differ From Other Car Dent Repair Methods?

If you’ve perused our blog at all, you may have seen plenty of headlines lauding the uniqueness and novelty of paintless dent repair and content that explains how awesome this method of car dent repair can be. Perhaps, though, you’re not quite yet sold. We at Dent Heads don’t mind; in fact, we applaud you! We love that you care about your vehicle and that you’re a savvy shopper that wants to get to the bottom of what auto hail damage repair methods will work best. It’s this care that we put into each and every car ourselves as hail damage repair specialists.

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