What weather we’ve had lately! From sixty-degree days to nights below freezing, Minnesota is sure trying to give its citizens the runaround this year!


While you may have lived here long enough to be impervious to the effects of such a strange climate, your car might not be so lucky. The icy rain and near-hail we’ve had lately probably has caught at least some of our readers off guard. If it has, stop in at Bloomington’s Dent Heads for swift hail damage repair today! Our technicians will get you back on the road in no time.


But how can you prevent hail or ice-related dents in the first place? The fewer dents your car sustains, after all, the longer it’ll stay looking sharp. As the hail dent repair experts, Dent Heads is here with some tips on how to stop frozen menaces from ruining your car’s day.

Schedule Car Dent Repair the Moment You Notice a Dent

Dents, when left to their own devices, act as weak spots in your car’s armor, opening your vehicle up to, well more dents. Paintless dent repair, like the kind offered at Dent Heads, is a swift and cost-effective way to get your car looking like new again, so don’t delay if your car isn’t looking its best. Dents can multiply and accumulate faster than you think!


Additional ways to keep your car safe from Minnesota’s strange weather include


●        Investing in a hail blanket. If you use street parking and simply don’t have a garage available, a hail blanket can help keep the worst of the damage off of your car. We’d still recommend a checkup with us post-hailstorm, though, as these devices certainly don’t work as well as a structurally sound garage.


●        Get your phone hooked up to weather alerts. While some smartphones already automatically alert you to strange weather, they may not be as quick to do so in the case of a hailstorm. Invest in an app in which you can customize your alerts, so you know when you’ll need to get your precious vehicle to safety.


●        Carports are your friends. Can’t afford a garage, but have enough room for one? Consider a carport. These cheap buildings boast sturdy roofs that can help minimize hail damage—though lateral protection is often lacking, so consider a hail blanket too.


Contact Dent Heads for Top-Notch Car Dent Repair

No matter how well we prepare, hail and ice can catch us all unaware. Luckily, Dent Heads is here to help. Visit our Bloomington location today or contact us at 612-986-1171.