ADAS cars sure are slick! From lane-change assistance to automatic brakes, they have loads of features that can make your commute and general driving life easier. But that’s not all they can do—when used correctly and conscientiously, these swanky devices can even be used to prevent dents!


Dent Heads, your Bloomington paintless dent repair pros, is here to explain exactly how, and how you can change your driving habits to maximise this hidden benefit.

ADAS: Like Having a Backseat Driver (In a Good Way)

While ADAS features are awesome to have, they don’t take away the need for safe driving. They’re designed as additional safety measures to improve your car’s performance and to keep it from fender benders. They’re a bit like having a driver’s ed coach next to you—that only pipes up when things are about to go wrong!


Many dents are caused by negligence or simple human error, but cars with ADAS systems help to prevent human error and thus reduce dents—not just on your own car, but on the others on the road, too!

Maximising  ADAS’s Dent-Preventing Potential

First and foremost: be an alert driver! Your ADAS technology can’t keep you out of the car dent repair shop if you’re ignoring it. This also means that you should still practice all the skills you’d need to drive a non-ADAS car—look over your shoulder and use your mirrors before changing lanes, keep your distance from cars ahead of you, etcetera.

Competent Dent Repair Goes a Long Way

Secondly, have your ADAS car serviced by paintless dent repair pros who know what they’re doing. As amazing as ADAS are, they can’t keep your car safe from all dings; you still might find yourself in need of hail damage repair, for example, after a poorly-timed drive through one of Minnesota’s notorious summer storms.


ADAS cars, though, are a little harder to service for the average hail dent repair technician. If parts of the car’s body need to be removed, these highly precise driving aids become uncalibrated, meaning that, when you get handed the keys, your once safety-feature laden car becomes unsafe to drive!


Dent Heads: Not Your Average Hail Dent Repair Technicians

Your ADAS car is safe with us—just check out our reviews for proof of our quality service! We’ve done the research and have the specialized knowledge needed to get your super-safe vehicle looking like new again, and to recalibrate its ADAS features so it’s ready to drive as soon as it leaves our garage. Give our Bloomington office a call today at 612-986-1171.