We’ve all been there: come out to your car after a long day at work and cringe at the new dings on your driver and passenger sides. No doubt, these were caused by some clumsy client or coworker who rushed to get in or out of the office and flung their own car’s doors open to do so, hitting yours in the process. How negligent!

As lovely as it would be for everyone to take responsibility for the door dings they inflict upon others’ vehicles, unfortunately, we live in a world where few do. It’s up to you, as a car owner, to seek out car dent repair services and get those dents taken care of.

Luckily, though, this process doesn’t have to be excruciating, and thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep your car safe from seemingly unavoidable door dings. Read on to learn more from Dent Heads, a paintless dent repair company.

Take Care of Current Dents First

First thing’s first: get those current door dings you have repaired at Dent Heads. Paintless dent repair provides a fast and cheap alternative to other, more traditional auto shops, which can keep your car held hostage for days on end, not to mention charge a pretty penny. Once your car is looking like new again, thanks to our talented technicians, you’ll be far more motivated to put into action your door-dent-deterring plan:

Park Away From High-Traffic Areas

If door dings are getting you down, consider removing other drivers from the equation. While it may be impossible to park away from people entirely, you can still avoid high-rush areas or park further away from the entrance. Know your most frequented parking lot’s general traffic flow and use this knowledge to protect your car.

If you’re visiting a new area, seeking out an end space, as GEICO recommends, is always a safe bet. You’d be hard-pressed to find such a space near the entrance of your destination, as the open ones are hot real estate, so cruise to the back of the lot instead.

Keep Your Car Looking Sharp

Think about it: would you feel worse about hitting a sleek, well-maintained ride or someone’s old fixer-upper? Keeping dents down with auto hail damage repair or other methods can make others be more careful around your vehicle, potentially preventing future damage.

Park Respectfully

This means in the center of the space—no straddling! This helps other drivers to maintain a good parking distance from your vehicle and allows them to open their doors without invading your vehicle’s personal space, so to speak.

Consider Street Parking

If you encounter a situation wherein you can park in a garage or on the street, the latter is much safer in terms of preventing door dings. Because you’re parallel parking, you don’t risk the same types of collisions or dents that you would when parking in a lot. Scared to tackle that sort of driving task after all those years away from Driver’s Ed? DMV.org outlines the process step-by-step if you need a refresher.

Just be careful when choosing a street to park in. Though Minneapolis and the surrounding Twin Cities metro are safe for urban areas, practice street smarts and take your valuables with you when you go. Additionally, take care to get close to the curb and turn your wheels correctly when you parallel park to avoid your vehicle getting side-swiped or launched into traffic when you aren’t around—those are much bigger dents to deal with!

Consider Paint Protection Film

If you don’t want to go out of your way to change your parking habits—we get it. If you still can’t bear to see your car’s paint damaged, though, there is a no-fuss solution: paint protection film. Car paint protection products are applied to your vehicle as a contoured shield of sorts, providing an extra layer of protection between your car and potential offending doors. Not only will this keep your car looking great, it can also maintain its resale value to boot.

To learn more about this awesome auto upgrade, check out our auto paint protection film blog that details the subject.

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