Every state has its set of codes around damaged windshields, and Minnesota is no different. All rules and regulations pertaining to damaged vehicle glass are in place for a reason, so it's critical to ensure that the windshield on your vehicle complies.

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Let’s talk a bit about the laws and reasons why a damaged windshield could cost you more than just a fine in Minnesota.

Windshield Requirements in Minnesota

The laws clearly state that operating or driving a vehicle in Minnesota is illegal if your view is obstructed, including tinting, discoloration, cracks, or chips. If you have damage or discoloration that directly interferes with your line of sight, it is highly recommended to get that fixed because you can risk getting fined.

Drivers are also not permitted to operate a vehicle if the windows or windshield are covered with frost or steam. And while there are no specifications on the size of allowable chips or cracks, if you are pulled over, it will be up to the officer's discretion whether the damage will obscure your ability to navigate the road safely.

Obstruction Laws

Obstruction laws also state that vehicles can't have anything situated on or in the windows or items hanging from the rearview mirror. This includes decorative items, signs, air fresheners, and posters.

Sun visors, decals required, navigation systems, and safety monitoring equipment are allowed but need to be placed as low as possible in the windows to prevent obstructions.

What Makes a Cracked Windshield Dangerous?

Your windshield is designed to help create structural integrity for your vehicle. If there are any cracks or chips, this reduces its stability and decreases the protection of you and your passengers, and it has less chance of keeping the vehicle's roof from caving in if there's a rollover.

Damage also means the glass can't take the force of an impact as efficiently, so there's a greater risk of an ejection if there is a collision.

And because the windshield affects the vehicle's structure, a weakness in the glass, if an airbag is deployed, the damage can misdirect it and create a greater risk.

Dent Heads: Your Locally Trusted Windshield Experts

A damaged windshield can result in far more than fines if your vehicle is not structurally sound, and if you need expert repair, Dent Heads can help! Whether you need rock chip repair or paint protection film, we have served the Twin Cities area since 2007 with five-star results.

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