There is a lot of discussion among auto body experts about what you should do when your vehicle is damaged with dents and in need of repair. The differing opinions may be confusing and costly. So, before you opt for a full auto body replacement, you may need to explore your options first. 

Dent Heads is happy to perform a complete vehicle assessment to determine which type of repair your car will benefit from the most. Contact us today if you have any further questions about your auto body damage. 

Here, we address the circumstances that warrant paintless dent repair and the circumstances that warrant a full auto body repair.

When You Need Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair serves a specific purpose and is most beneficial in specific situations. 

But first, what is paintless dent repair? 

Here is a simple explanation: Paintless dent repair is a method to "pop" or "massage" a dent out using manual tools and careful pressure until the vehicle panel is smooth with no dings or dents. 

We apply the pressure from the inside of the vehicle panel. When the process is complete, you will never know there was a dent in the car's body. The car looks new once again. 

What are the benefits of PDR?

  • We don't have to repaint the panel.

  • We don't have to replace any part of the vehicle.

  • The process is quick and easy.

  • The repair is affordable and costs less than a body replacement.

  • Most insurance plans will cover the work.

When You Need an Auto Body Replacement

While paintless dent repair has numerous benefits, it is not always appropriate. So, how do you know when you need the auto body replaced or repainted? 

If there is extensive damage to the vehicle panel or the paint was cracked or scraped, you may need to replace the damaged area or seek another repair method.

In some cases, you can't hire a technician to perform paintless dent repair if the paint or metal is cracked, scraped, or damaged. 

Which Is the Better Repair Option for Auto Body Damage?

Some auto body damage is so extensive that an average car owner can tell what work needs to be performed. However, if there is slight hail damage or small dings, you may want to visit a paintless dent repair shop first. 

Why? Because an auto body repair technician may tell you that you need extensive auto body repair or replacement when, in fact, it may not be necessary. A technician specializing in paintless dent repair will have no choice but to tell you if paintless dent repair can be performed. 

The bottom line: You won't get taken advantage of if you visit a PDR shop for an assessment!

What Traditional Auto Shops Can't Bring You, Dent Heads Can

While we at Dent Heads understand the value of tradition in some contexts, we believe that traditional car dent repair methods are long due for an overhaul. Even the simplest dent can take weeks to repair with traditional methods – not to mention how damaging some of those methods can be to the surrounding environment. 

There are countless indications that the old way of doing things in the car dent repair industry has run its course. It no longer fits in with our fast-paced and modern lives and can no longer supply today's consumers with the kind of service they need. 

Luckily, innovation has yielded a new technique that better suits the needs of today's society: paintless dent repair

Here's what this technique and our team at Dent Heads can bring you that traditional auto dent companies can't!

PDR: Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

As we explained, paintless dent repair involves using specialized tools to push or pull any given dent, which restores your motorcycle, fleet vehicle, or automobile to its factory finish in a fraction of the time it takes traditional repair methods. 

Though many basic paintless dent repair kits are available online and can be bought by anyone, skilled technicians know how to use these tools to bring out their full potential and avoid further car damage during the repair. 

If you're looking into this technique, always go with a pro! Paintless dent repair technicians can best maximize the method's advantages over more traditional ones.

Less Time Needed

As stated, paintless dent repair is quick. Many dents can be fixed in a matter of hours, as opposed to the weeks that traditional auto shops can take. 

At Dent Heads, our technicians are always working to hone their skills, so you can rest easy that your car will be good as new quickly as a wink.

Less Impact On the Environment

With traditional dent repair, multiple methods are used, from grinding and sanding the paint away to applying a body filter, and then the area will need to be repainted several times. 

The biggest benefit of PDR is that no paints or thinners with toxic chemicals are used – just good old-fashioned tools and manpower.  

A Smaller Cost

Many times, paying for professional paintless dent repair can be cheaper than traditional auto repair shops, as there's no painting or sanding involved. Simple force is used to pop a dent back into place. 

Fewer steps involved can mean a smaller labor cost. And since the process can be typically completed in one day, you most likely won't need to find alternative transportation or a rental car, making it a faster, smarter, and more affordable option than traditional repair.

Increase Your Cars Value

The fact is, when damage occurs, this can decrease the value of your vehicle. PDR won't affect your car's paint job, and in many cases, it will look better once it's completed than if the dents were left unaddressed. 

On top of this, a vehicle with an original paint job will be worth more than a repainted one because the secondary paint is less likely to be perfect, and over time, it may begin to fade, making it more noticeable, showing the damaged area.

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