Paint protection film: is it a film of paint that protects your car, or a film of material that protects your paint?

It’s the latter, but with that question you get the idea: there’s lots to ask before you consider this product for your vehicle.

Luckily, Dent Heads, your Bloomington providers of car paint protection film, is here to help. We’ve long prioritized our customers’ satisfaction with every service we give, and we’re not about to stop with our auto paint protection film services!

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about car paint protection.

Paint Protection Film: The Basics

We touched on what paint protection film is earlier; it’s a film of material that protects your paint. But what is it made out of? And from what does it keep your car safe?

Individual brands of paint protection film—which is also colloquially referred to as Clear Bra—of course have their own technology, but they tend to be made out of polyurethane, which is a durable, clear, and flexible sheet of material that nonetheless remains remarkably thin.

When applied over your car, it’s virtually invisible, yet it provides protection against everything from rock chips to bird droppings. Not only that, its supreme protective power also provides supreme peace of mind.

Why Buy Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film has loads of benefits—we could write a whole post on them! The first, of course, is the protection from physical impact.

Though nothing can make a car bulletproof, paint protection film shields your ride from high-velocity rocks. This can potentially mean your car dent repair costs drastically decrease, and your ride stays looking as awesome as the day you brought it into the shop.

Another benefit: Your car holds its resale value better. Anyone would pay more for a pristine vehicle than one riddled with dents, after all!

We touch more on what you can do to help your car hold its value in “Why Paintless Dent Repair is Great for Custom Cars.”

Does Paint Protection Film Change the Way Your Car Looks?

No; you’re thinking of a vehicle wrap. The whole point of paint protection film is that it protects what your car currently has as far as color or paint goes. In fact, if your paint protection film is visible or has wrinkles, you know for a fact that it wasn’t installed correctly. Take it from the clear bra paint protection film pros.

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