The birds are singing, the snow is melting, the temperatures are climbing, which means spring is in the air! Though, as welcome an occurrence as this can be in Minnesota, it can be very hard on our cars—and not just from a rust standpoint. With the more hospitable weather comes countless new dent hazards that all responsible drivers should make themselves aware of.


At Dent Heads, as a Bloomington provider of paintless dent repair and auto hail damage repair, we see our fair share of dents as the seasons come and go. In other words, when it comes to this type of auto exterior repair, we know what we’re talking about. Below, we’ll go into some common causes of springtime dents, as well as how to avoid them.

Dents Happen During All Seasons

Yes, even though we’re writing about dents that can happen more often as the spring weather comes around, it’s important to remember that car dents don’t only occur in the spring. No matter the season and no matter the time, a wayward pebble, glass shard, or another piece of debris can fly up from underneath your vehicle’s tires, which puts a sizable ding in the exterior. We won’t even go into the hazards that crop up if you happen to park too close to other people!


The point is that dents don’t just happen in the spring; they’re a year-round issue. The causes of dents can just take a different form in the spring. Be on the lookout for:


●        Stray or wild animals | As the weather warms and certain wild animals, like squirrels, come out of their nests more often than they have in previous months, it can be a fairly common occurrence for these creatures to make poorly timed road crossings. As sad as this can be, larger animals, such as deer, can leave your vehicle with significant damage. Make sure to get these checked out by a car dent repair specialist ASAP.

●        Slush-related accidents | Anyone who has driven through semi-melted slush will attest to how slippery it can be! As a Minnesotan driver, you probably have experience with this sort of thing, but even if you do, unexpected slippery patches can still be quite the hazard. Be careful when driving in any sort of inclement weather. Don’t be afraid to go beneath the speed limit!

●        Potholes | Melted snow can expose potholes, and while these might be unlikely to damage your vehicle’s exterior themselves, rocks and other small pieces of the road can still break off near these areas and cause quite a ding. Slow, careful driving is a key preventative measure.


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