The seasons tend to change quickly; before we know it, winter will be knocking on Minnesota's door. While this happens every year, we know to prepare our homes for those colder, harsher months.

You should also consider your vehicle when preparing for the winter. Dents are often the result of hail, ice, or accidental bumps from sliding on the ice. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and consider paintless dent repair (PDR) in your seasonal preparations.

Typically, getting your vehicle serviced comes with the worry of not having a form of transportation. Thoughts like this are extra concerning in the winter, as there’s typically fewer manual transportation options available. Dent Heads takes pride in being a quick, reliable, and honest place to service your vehicle. We also offer home services at your convenience to alleviate some transportation concerns.

Luckily, if you’re in need of anything from hail dent repair to the ironing out of larger dings or dents, paintless dent repair is a quick, affordable solution. Read on to discover why Dent Heads, a Bloomington paintless dent repair company, can help your car survive another winter!

Paintless Dent Repair & The Winter Time

When it comes to cars and Minnesota winters, most want to keep their vehicles in good shape so they can rely on them through those colder months. Here are a few maintenance and preparation tips to consider when preparing your vehicle for winter:

Keep Your Car Close this Winter

Being able to use your car in case of an emergency is always a vital convenience. Everything from a friend’s commuting troubles to a child’s emergency school closings means that, in the winter, you’ll need to be available to travel at the drop of a hat.

When your car’s stuck in a repair shop, this can become next to impossible. PDR is an efficient service that is also extremely accommodating. Paintless dent repairs can accomplish in hours what more traditional car dent repair shops take weeks to handle.

Contact Dent Heads to request a home service to have your car taken care of as soon as possible! We’re always happy to give timely and quality service.

Wintertime Can Be Costly

Everything from heating bills to seasonal home maintenance means your family or business might be facing more bills this time of year. Paintless dent repair is affordable, so you can easily squeeze it in alongside more considerable expenses.

Setting aside money early is a great idea if you are considering using PDR services this winter. Keep your car looking great while responsibly managing your money during this expensive season.

Winter Accidents

As the temperature drops, the margin for accidents and errors seems to open up a bit. It’s hard to fully control your car's well-being when there are factors like hail, ice, and slippery roads to consider. Trying to prevent those opportunities is smart, so maybe consider keeping your car in the garage whenever possible.

We know that conveniences like garages aren’t always an option, as the weather is pretty unpredictable. Winter is an anticipated time for car troubles and minor accidents. Keep Dent Heads in mind through the colder months, and let us know if you ever have any questions!

Boosting Damages

If your vehicle already has minor dents or damages, it’s likely to get further damage in the colder months. The initial concern of further damage would likely affect the current state of your car. The additional moisture and the constant changes of Minnesotan weather can be a risk to rust and irreversible damage. It’s best to be prompt with PDR care to ensure further damage can’t be done, especially in those colder months.

For Efficient Dent Repair Near You, Dent Heads is the Clear Choice

Dent Heads’ dedicated staff is ready to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote today. Whether you’re prepping for the winter, or trying to fix up any previous damages, we are ready to be at your service! Give us a call today at 612-986-1171 and see what our talented technicians can do for you.