It's rude enough when people don't put their shopping carts back in the corral, but when they somehow dent your vehicle with them, well, that's downright uncouth!

Plus, if your vehicle comes with ADAS technologies, such as lane departure or forward collision warnings, you can't just go anywhere to have your shopping cart dent repaired. When you have a higher-end car, simple dents from the grocery store parking lot become a lot more complicated.

Dent Heads, your Bloomington paintless dent repair experts, discuss the ins and outs of shopping cart dents and why cars with ADAS tech require specialized pros to bounce back from them.

Shopping Cart Dents Can Cause More Than Surface Damage

What stinks about shopping cart dents is that you can't point a finger at the person who did it, and the business itself generally isn't responsible. This makes things a little tricky when it comes to getting insurance involved. In some cases, it might be better for your rates to pay for car dent repair on your own.

Luckily, paintless dent repair is affordable, so this isn't a financial death sentence. Plus, since shopping carts generally don't top five miles an hour or so, usually, your dents will be small, which means they're super easy to fix for dent removal experts.

Unfortunately, the really annoying problem with shopping cart dents is that they can affect your vehicle's ADAS features.

Shopping cart dents

What Happens to ADAS When a Cart Hits Your Car?

Cars with tech like yours require extra consideration if they are to weather car dent repair safely. Their systems rely on calibration to operate, and when that calibration is affected by the dent repair process, it can mean the car's tech is no longer functional, and the vehicle becomes unsafe to drive.

Take your car to a hail damage repair pro who doesn't understand this, and you could be at risk.

You should never be afraid to do something as simple as park your ADAS-equipped vehicle in a grocery store lot! Dent Heads will return your car with its exterior factory-fresh and your ADAS tech ready to roll.

  • We've done the legwork and fully understand how temporary part removal, a technique used in paintless dent repair, could affect your ADAS tech.
  • We'll always recalibrate your system if needed before handing your vehicle over.
  • We scan your car's system before and after we do our work; we understand that thoroughness is a necessity when your car's ADAS is on the line.

What Steps Should You Take If a Cart Damages Your Vehicle?

Once you've discovered your vehicle's been hit by a shopping cart, inspect the damage. Are you dealing with mild scratches or a larger dent? Is it something that can be wiped away or buffed out?

If the damage is extensive, we recommend taking photos before you move the shopping cart because it shows what angle your vehicle was hit and what happened. This can support your claim if you file one with your insurance company and help the auto body repair technician.

You can also consider checking in with the store because they may have liability insurance that covers the premises and be responsible for keeping the entire property, including the parking lot, free of hazards.

And finally, give us a call!

When you choose paintless dent repair, your vehicle retains its market value, and it's a green solution because we don't require body fillers, toxic chemicals, and paint to get the job done. And as a bonus, because we know you're busy, we offer loaner cars if you need to run any errands while your vehicles are being repaired.


For Simple Dents, Use Common Sense: Dent Heads

Dealing with a shopping cart running into your vehicle is a massive headache, so you want a company to help make the process as stress-free as possible. Dent Heads has been the Twin Cities premier paintless dent repair provider since 2007, and we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule.

For cutting-edge auto hail damage repair and more, go with a company devoted to doing the job right.

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