So your car’s got a little crease in the finish. Maybe it’s from hail, maybe from age, or maybe it’s from the careless kid who flung the door too far open at the grocery store and put a nice dent in it. Regardless of where it came from, you’re now left with damage to your car that not only is a major eyesore, but which also can degrade the vehicle’s structural integrity. When your car is dented, the metal that protects its inner workings is compromised, leaving your car’s innards vulnerable to further damage in the future.


So you need to fix your car pronto. Consider going paintless for your car dent repair. Paintless dent repair is a green, fast, and affordable alternative to traditional auto body shops. Take a look below at some of the types of dents that Dent Heads, your paintless dent repair company in the Twin Cities area, can fix.

Minor Dents

Almost every driver gets these on their car from time to time; they’re a fact of life. Dents from other car doors, careless low-speed driving, or even rocks flying up from a gravel road can all cause these minor mishaps. Think of the type of dent that wouldn’t cause you to panic, but just sigh in disappointment—that’s what we’re talking about here.


Though minor dents may seem to be mostly a cosmetic problem, as stated above, it’s important to get them checked out and repaired to make sure your interior hasn’t been damaged and to prevent that damage in the future. If you’re worried about the cost, paintless dent repair can offer an affordable solution.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage is just as it sounds—regularly sized, round indentations in your car’s finished caused by inclement weather. They can vary in size just as much as hail itself. Because of the blunt nature of the impact, the paint job of your vehicle is frequently undamaged, making these dents good candidates for paintless dent repair. Paintless auto hail damage repair permanently removes these types of dents and restores your car, fleet vehicle, or motorcycle to its original factory look.


Need Paintless Dent Repair Near You?

If you’re in the Twin Cities area (including Bloomington, Edina, Eden Prairie, Eagen, and South Minneapolis) and need car dent repair, or a hail damage car repair estimate, consider Dent Heads. Our services are economical, green, and quick. Contact us today, submit photos of minor damage for an estimate, or further peruse our website to see what services we offer.