No matter which avenue for car dent repair you choose, it’s important to thoroughly research all of your options. You wouldn’t want to invest in a method that ends up taking too long or costing too much! Plus, the more you know about any given procedure, the better you can assess individual professionals and make the right decision about who to hire.


Paintless dent repair is but one avenue you can take to repair unsightly damage to your car. If you need hail damage repair for your motorcycle, going paintless is always an option. But besides the obvious lack of paint, what does the paintless dent repair process entail? How does it differ from an auto shop paint job?

How Paintless Dent Repair Works

Paintless dent repair removes dents from the inside out, as opposed to an auto shop paint job, which uses a putty-like substance and works exclusively on a vehicle’s exterior. In paintless dent repair, a professional removes certain parts of the car to access the dent from behind. He or she uses a specialized set of tools to pop the dent back into place without any damage to your vehicle’s paint job. Which tools are used will depend on the size of the dent and the preferences of the individual technician.

Why Should I Hire a Pro?

Paintless dent repair seems simple enough; why can’t the average person do their hail damage repair themselves?


Paintless dent removal is an acquired skill, for one. A professional is going to know exactly which parts of your car need to be removed to access any particular dent, meaning that the process is going to be much faster for them than for the DIY-er.


A professional is also going to know exactly which tools to use to eliminate the risk of potential damage to your car. In the hands of a paintless dent repair newbie, powerful tools can mean that a dent can be pushed too far in the opposite direction—meaning that you’d end up with an entirely new problem instead of fixing the one you already have.

Car Dent Repair Near You

If you need anything from motorcycle gas tank dent repair to hail damage repair, Dent Heads has you covered. We’re supreme paintless dent repair company that has fixed over a million dents in the Twin Cities area since 2007. Contact us today at 612-986-1171 to see if paintless dent repair might be right for you.