You’ve done the research, you’ve compared the options, and one thing stands clear above all: paintless dent repair is the right choice for your car. It’s environmentally friendly, affordable, and fast. Of course it’s the best car dent repair method around.


However, even though you’ve made this decision, there’s still another to be pondered: what paintless dent repair company is right for you? Which can provide the best service? Furthermore, what does “the best service” even look like when it comes to hail dent repair of the paintless variety?


Answering all these questions can be hard without industry knowledge or a ton of trial and error. However, Dent Heads, a Twin Cities metro provider of mobile paintless dent repair, hopes to simplify the process below by explaining what we believe makes a good paintless dent repair company.

It Boils Down to Truly Caring

Paintless dent repair, as much of an art and skill as it is, requires more than training and a steady hand. To succeed in this industry, technicians must truly care about both the dents they repair and the people they help while doing it. This will look like:


●        Personable customer service. When you walk into your paintless dent repair business of choice, you should be treated as a fellow human, not as a customer. This means you should expect a warm welcome, kind words, and a genuine “how can I serve you” attitude. We at Dentheads strive to make everyone who walks through our doors feel at home.

●        Attention to detail. A technician who truly cares about their job won’t settle for just doing the bare minimum. They’ll go above and beyond what you expected to get your car looking like new! When you get your previously hail-damaged car back from Dentheads, don’t be surprised if a couple dents you didn’t even order to be fixed magically vanish. It’s just one of the ways we go above and beyond to serve our customers!

●        Efficient service. While many companies cite fast service as their top priority (and, yes, paintless dent repair is fast compared to traditional methods), we at Dentheads like to use a different word to describe our approach: efficient. “Fast” implies that we treat our craft like an assembly line instead of balancing attention to detail, customer service, and time-conscious work. We believe an efficient firm provides a much warmer customer experience than a fast company; efficiency demonstrates that the business cares about more than how quick it can finish the job.

Dentheads: The Obvious Choice for Paintless Dent Repair

We’re a warm, detail-oriented, efficient paintless dent repair service located in Bloomington Minnesota. Give us a call today at 612-986-1171 and see what we can do to get your vehicle looking like new.