Leasing a ride is a great way to experience the power and luxury of a machine beyond your price range—and it’s also just an affordable way to get around. But there definitely can be a downside; when your agreement ends, you can be left scrambling to hand the car back in its pre-lease condition. If you don’t, you’ll risk expensive penalties.

This is where paintless dent repair with Dent Heads comes in. Affordable and quick, this method of car dent repair is great when you want to end your lease hassle-free. Below, we’ll dive into exactly why.

Avoid Costly Trips to the Body Shop

Generally speaking, when you return your car, it will be checked over for dings, dents, and anything else that may damage the looks or integrity of its exterior. While a little wear-and-tear might be allowed, bigger dents are going to rack up the costs. Big time. This is because you’ll usually be charged a market standard rate for repairs for these dents, which means as much as a regular, fill-and-paint job would run you.

Paintless Dent Repair Is Budget-Friendly

You don’t need to shell out the big bucks, even if you’ve got a leased car with substantial dents. As we’ve discussed in our blog “How Paintless Dent Repair Is Better Than its Competition,” this method of hail dent repair is about as affordable as it comes and is frequently cheaper than its cousins.

Don’t pour money into a car that isn’t even yours; choose the affordable option with paintless dent repair.

Shed the Worry of Time Constraints

End-of-lease dates tend to creep up on you. We get it—but traditional body shops might not. Because their multi-step process is quite time-consuming, squeezing in your vehicle might not happen; they can take weeks to fix even relatively simple dents. They must fill the space with putty, sand it, perfectly match your paint color, and apply a clear coating over top. It certainly takes a while.

Paintless Dent Repair Is Speedy

With paintless dent repair, lengthy hail damage repair waiting times are a thing of the past. We can do in a day what takes our competition more than double that time. Because our techniques require only a set of tools and a bit of manual pushing and pulling, we’ll have your vehicle in and out of the shop in a jiffy so that you can return it on time.

Dent Heads: Hail Dent Pros who Are Always Ready to Help

No matter your budget or how quickly you need your car dent repair done, our drive to provide quality service always remains top-notch. Give our Bloomington office a call today at 612-986-1171.