Used cars are awesome, and you’ll see plenty of them on the roads these days! Affordability makes them quite appealing, and it doesn’t take long for the new owner to feel at home in the driver’s seat. That being said, your used car can come with its fair share of dings and dents, plus an overall sad appearance in some cases; how can you clean it up to make it something you’re proud of?

Dent Heads is here to help. Contrary to our name, we don’t just handle dent fixing, but plenty of services that can spruce up your broken-in ride and make it look like new. Below, you’ll learn just a smidge about them!

Paintless Dent Repair

It’s our bread and butter, our meat and potatoes, whatever you want to call it—we made our name off of this type of car dent repair, and for good reason. As an affordable way to fix up a car’s exterior, paintless dent repair is an excellent first-choice service for those who have just got their hands on a less-than-factory-fresh vehicle.

Paintless dent repair involves using specialized tools and finesses to manipulate a car’s exterior and “pop” it back into place. It’s quick, green, and easy on the pocketbook. Check out our blog on the benefits for more info.

Headlight Restoration

We’ve also dove into this topic on our blog; headlight restoration is a great, safety-boosting investment for used cars. Because these cars are, well, used, their headlights are subject to chemical and UV damage, both of which can make them blurry and decrease your visibility on the road. This might not seem like a huge issue during daylight hours, but as night falls, trust us—you’ll notice it!

Headlight restoration from Dent Heads buffs away cloudy residue, leaving your headlights as bright and brilliant as the day your used car rolled off the factory line. In a way, it’s like turning back the clock.

Door Ding Repair

You’d be hard-pressed to find a used car that doesn’t have its share of door dings, but luckily, we can take care of those too. As we covered in our car dent repair blog, they can and do rust, whether they’ve got paint on them or not. It’s far more affordable for your used car to undergo a smidge of dent repair than to replace the entire part once it does degrade!

Dent Heads: Your One-Stop Car Services Shop

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