Whether it’s due to a poor parking job on our part or a careless fellow driver, we all experience dent marks from doors on our vehicle at some point in our lives. You may think these are little more than an unfortunate aesthetic nuisance; after all, very few actually lose paint initially.


The keyword here, though, is initially. When left to their own devices without car dent repair, an unassuming door ding or dent can become something much bigger—and something that can seriously compromise your vehicle’s exterior.

Rust’s Unfortunate Reality

Indeed, when door dings or other dents aren’t promptly taken care of via paintless dent repair or otherwise, rust can easily begin to take hold in the area, and once it gets going, it’s hard to stop without complete replacement of the offending part.


How does this happen? Well, first of all, it won’t begin immediately unless your paint is chipped. Most of the time, when met with the force of a door, your car just crumples like one of those discount cans at the grocery store. However, the longer a dent is left unattended, the more likely it is that rust will set up shop.


This is because even small cracks in the paint—ones that are invisible to the eye—are enough to allow water to seep through to the unprotected metal underneath. So while you might not have an issue overnight, car washes, rainstorms, or humid days can and will eventually take their rusty toll on even the tiniest door ding or dent.

Rid Your Car of Rust With Preventative Action

Any auto fanatic will tell you that once rust begins, getting a handle on it is a pain. Sprays, sanding, seeking out hidden spots—a lot goes into it. We don’t know about you, but we think just getting the dents fixed with paintless dent repair near you is a whole lot easier!


At Dent Heads, we don’t just do hail damage repair; we’d be happy to rid your car of even the tiniest ding. No job is too small or insignificant for us, so don’t feel bad about stopping by for our professional help. We’ll always be there for your car—and our amazing reviews prove it.

Head Off Your Car’s Rust With Service From Dent Heads

Don’t let something as commonplace as door damage get the best of your car. Let the hail dent repair and door ding experts fix it up in a flash. For simple dents, use common sense: contact Dent Heads’ Bloomington office at 612-986-1171.