Headlights just not as bright as they used to be? Chances are, if your bulbs aren’t the problem, you need headlight restoration. This pro-provided service, also called headlight cleaning, is the one cure for cloudy headlights—don’t bother trying to get it done at home, as the process is quite multifaceted. Plus, if done incorrectly or unnecessarily, the headlight restoration process can actually damage your headlights!

Dent Heads, your paintless dent repair company of choice, is here to teach you all about this important process. Below, for proof of its complexity and for your peace of mind, we’ll dive into what goes on during a headlight restoration, as well as what the process actually does to increase your field of vision while you’re driving.

Headlight Cleaning Fixes Detrimental Oxidation

Oxidation—isn’t that just a fancy word for rust, and doesn’t it only happen to metal? While it indeed refers to the rusting process on your vehicle’s exterior, plastics and glass have their own “versions” of rust from oxidation. This “rusting” usually leads to a color change, hence the cloudiness that you’re experiencing in your headlights.

Manufacturers do take steps to guard your headlights against oxidation, usually in the form of a UV-resistant coating. However, a variety of factors—chemical exposure, road debris, water—can cause oxidation, so you’re likely to experience clouding anyhow, especially as that UV coating wears off.

Headlight restoration removes the oxidation from your headlights, allowing them to light the way for you at the best of their ability. Moreover, oxidation is progressive, just like it is when your car rusts. If not stopped with headlight cleaning, your headlights will eventually begin to break, necessitating costly repairs.

Headlight Cleaning, Step By Step

Every headlight restoration pro has their own methodology; you’d be hard-pressed to find a standard way of doing things in this industry. However, the process generally involves the same few techniques.

Sanding is performed to rid the headlight of scratches, in addition to wearing down that pesky cloudiness. Following this, your technician will likely buff away any remaining scuffs that were too stubborn for the sanding process. Finally, polishing brings out your headlights’ true brilliance.

Dent Heads: Top-Notch Headlight Restoration

Don’t risk damaging your vehicle or getting subpar results with a DIY kit. Stop in at our Bloomington shop today and experience stress-free service that leaves your headlights radiant. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 612-986-1171.