It’s an all-too-common, yet stomach-dropping experience: a pebble pings off your windshield as you hurtle down the road, leaving a star-shaped ding in your glass behind. This is far from a mere cosmetic defect; it majorly compromises the integrity of your windshield, meaning that it now is far less able to protect you and your passengers.

If a chipped windshield has that dire of an effect, you might wonder when replacement might be in order—when, in other words, the chip is repairable. The good news: it usually is. Dent Heads, your paintless dent repair pros, explains a few situations below when fixing your windshield rock chips is just a trip to our shop away.

When the Damage Is Only to the Outside of the Glass

This is the case with many rock chips. If they do not go more than halfway through the windshield’s glass portion, you’re probably in luck—it can probably be repaired, and you won’t need to pay an extensive out-of-pocket fee for an entire replacement.

Of course, the depth of the crack isn’t the only thing that affects whether or not you’re eligible for rock chip repair. If it’s damaging in other ways, you might very well need replacement. If it’s a shallow crack, though, you’re probably on the right track for repair.

When the Rock Chip Is Small in Diameter

How big a rock chip can be repaired depends on the technician and a variety of other factors, such as how near to the edge of the windshield it is and if it has any cracks spidering out from it. Broadly and typically speaking, though, if the chip is more of a chip than a large, smashed hole, repair is a viable route.

Even if your rock chip is tiny and you know it’s repairable, that’s no reason to delay! Rock chips are progressive, and if left alone you might need full windshield replacement as the chip progressively splinters and enlarges.

Cracks Around the Chip are Small

How large the cracks can be is, of course, dependent on all the other factors that make up a rock chip—size, location, technician skill etcetera. Typically, anything less than three inches in length can be repaired, while longer cracks might require a windshield replacement for you and your passenger’s safety.

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