When it comes to repairing your car's body and finish, paintless dent repair (PDR) is by far the best method for removing the dents. For this reason, Dent Heads utilizes paintless dent repair for minor dents and other blemishes.

Opting for paintless dent repair (PDR) offers you a fast and, in most circumstances, a cost-effective way to erase unsightly dents so the damage is virtually undetectable. Below, we look at the benefits of PDR and why you should choose it over traditional repair and repainting.

Retain Your Car’s Market Value

Traditional hail dent repair doesn’t optimize your car’s value. Traditional repair entails filling in the dents with paint or some type of filler. Therefore, the dent is never truly fixed. You are just covering it up. Paintless dent repair, on the other hand, fully restores the car’s body; the original factory finish isn't altered, which can lead to a maintained market value.

In addition, there is no CarFax associated with PDR, as it’s the least invasive option available for dent repairs. Your vehicle will retain its original value. We’re also insurance-approved and usually a preferred method of repair due to the faster turnaround times and keeping everything original.

Paintless Dent Repair is Efficient

When it comes to fixing your car’s dents, time is everything. You don’t have time to wait several days for a traditional technician to fully restore your auto body. Paintless dent repair, on the other hand, is efficient—no excessive waiting needed! Since our technicians are simply pushing the dent back out, we can perform the repair in just a few hours and get you back on the road.

Paintless Dent Repair Offers a Green Solution

Paintless dent repair offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional repair. We don’t use toxic chemicals, paint, paint thinner, or body filler; we also use fewer tools and less power to get the job done.

Paintless dent repair contributes to a cleaner environment and provides a sustainable model for auto body repair shops—and we’re proud to be its advocates.

An Economic Car Dent Repair Option

Paintless dent repair is, frankly, much more affordable than traditional car dent repair methods—in many more ways than simply helping to retain your car’s market value. As we stated above, for example, it’s incredibly quick. This means less money spent on your end for additional transportation requirements. The lack of power and expendable products used in the paintless dent repair process also means this type of business is affordable to run, a benefit which gets passed on to our customers.

Not that paintless dent repair is something that just anyone can do; we discuss its complexities in our hail damage repair blog on the subject. Its affordability is only brought out when you get a pro to do it. Mistakes can be costly!

Get Stress-Free Rental Car Assistance

This might not be a benefit associated with all paintless dent repair providers, but it is with us! At Dent Heads, we’ll loan you a car to drive while yours is in the shop. Though it won’t take long for us to get you back on the road, we know you’ve got errands to run and kids to ferry about. You won’t pay a penny for these loaner cars, either—how’s that for convenience?

If you need to charge up your electric vehicle, we’ve also got you covered with our shop’s station. When you work with Dent Heads, your car dent repair experience will be as stress-free as can be.

Get ADAS-Knowledgeable Help

Advanced driver’s assistance systems—ADAS, for short—are, according to Robotics & Automation News “a collection of automotive electronics technologies which are designed to enable vehicles to operate autonomously in certain situations.”

They require specialized repair techniques in order to keep working after car dent repair. Recalibration of these systems can be an issue with some car dent repair companies, but not with us! At Dent Heads, our paintless dent repair technicians are proud to provide complimentary recalibration services post-repair, so you can get back on the road in a flash.

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Do you need minor dents removed from your vehicle? Dent Heads is here to help! We remove door dings, creases, hail damage, and more from your car, all while keeping the original paint job intact.

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