It’s winter. Your beloved car has a ding, and you’re sure it sticks out like a sore thumb to everyone on the highway. Should you opt for car dent repair now, in the dead of the Minnesotan winter?


While you’ve probably read our recent paintless dent repair blog on the importance of taking care of your vehicle’s exterior maintenance before wintertime, you may still wonder if repairing dents in the winter is even an option. Is this season meant to be avoided altogether when it comes to hail damage repair?


Not quite! While we at Dent Heads, a Bloomington provider of hail dent repair and more, have already stressed the importance of pre-winter dent repair, we’re also here to stress the importance of during-winter dent repair. Read on to learn why.

Winter Is Wicked to Damaged Vehicles

We’ve written an entire article on how horrible winter is to dents, but here’s the gist: Poor winter road conditions, the cold temperatures, and hidden debris can all contribute to your dent problem getting worse.


The longer you drive around with dents on your vehicle, the more intense they’re going to get, and the more you’ll pay in repair costs. Indeed, we’ve written on the urgency of winter paintless dent repair in the past, too!


Worried about relying on spotty public transportation or enduring snow-filled walks while your car’s in the shop? Don’t be. Paintless dent repair from Dent Heads is a quick solution to all of your dent-repair needs.


●        Paintless dent repair is fast on its own. Because there are relatively few steps to the process, you could feasibly be back behind the wheel in hours. Winter is no time to be without a vehicle, so go with a dent repair method that caters to your time-related needs.


●        Our technicians are as quick as can be. With their thorough training and drive to satisfy the customer, our workers are deft and fast, even among their fellow paintless dent repair technicians!


●        We’re a small business, so we’re always striving to stand out. When it comes to swift service, we’re obligated to provide—not only because we care about your experience with us, but because it’s something that sets us apart from our competitors.

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