If you’re in the market for paintless dent repair (or any kind of car dent repair, really) you’ve got a huge variety of businesses to choose from. From traditional auto hail damage repair businesses to modernized paintless dent removal companies like us, you’re inundated with choices. It can sometimes feel so overwhelming that you just want to do an internet search on “car dent repair near me” and do business with the first company that pops up!


At Dent Heads, we understand making such a choice can be time consuming, but we do advise you to vet any company that you do business with. When you’re trusting someone with your vehicle, it’s important to choose a reputable car dent repair company whose credentials are both tangible and strong. The right car dent repair company will stand out from the crowd – just like us! You stumbled upon our website out of the countless ones out there, didn’t you?


Standing out from the competition isn’t easy, but we strive to do it each and every day. Below, we’ll discuss what makes our services for hail damage and minor dent repair so extraordinary, and what this means for you as a potential client.

Our Passions: Paintless Dent Repair & Customer Service

At Dent Heads, we take your dents seriously. Paintless dent repair isn’t just our job – it’s our passion. It’s why we only employ experienced technicians, invest in specialized tools, and spend countless hours training. Paintless dent repair may be one of the most speedy and cost-effective car dent repair methods out there, but it takes a skilled technician to successfully make dents disappear.


Another thing that sets us apart is our customer service. Drop your car off at our shop or have us come to you – the choice is yours. Our flexibility and “customer is always right” approach have helped us earn the highest online customer satisfaction rating for dent repair in Minneapolis!


Here are a few more reasons to choose us:


●        We truly care about you. We take pride in providing the most convenient and trustworthy paintless dent repair in the seven-county metro area by offering both in-house and mobile services. Whether you walk through our doors or meet us in your driveway, you can expect to interact with friendly, experienced technicians who are happy to answer all of your questions.


●        We are constantly striving to be better. Of course, our service is amazing as it is (check out our customer testimonials), but we also believe it’s our duty as repair technicians to consistently hone our skills. We never stop learning and improving.


●        We understand limited financial situations. Our company is happy to help with the task of negotiating with your insurance company. It’s just another way we stand out from the crowd.


Since 2007, Dent Heads has removed over a million dents for vehicle owners in the Twin Cities metro area. Whether you have several dents from hail damage or just a couple dings, our skilled technicians can make it disappear while keeping the original paint job untouched. Our services are both environmentally friendly and cost effective! For more information about paintless dent removal or to get a quote, please contact us today via phone or email.