So your car has a dent. It’s all right, everyone gets them! Whether from someone else’s careless driving, an unpredicted hailstorm, or a simple chance encounter with a particularly sharp rock, almost every vehicle on the road will have a dent at some point.


However, this doesn’t mean that dents are particularly pretty! Many car owners want to remove their dents as soon as possible and restore their car to its factory finish. After all, your car is one of the largest assets you’ll ever own, aside from your home. Of course you want to take care of it!


The world of dent removal isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. In researching affordable, quick ways to get your car’s dents removed, you may have stumbled upon a technique known as paintless dent repair. Online information about this technique is scarce, so despite your best efforts, you still may be left wondering what this method of car dent repair can do for your vehicle.


Never fear! Dent Heads, a Twin Cities metro area paintless dent repair company, has the answers below.

What Paintless Dent Repair can Fix Depends on the Technician

As is pretty much any job out there, paintless dent repair is a skill. Though anyone can buy a paintless dent repair kit online and call themselves a technician, it takes hard work, training, and steady employment in the industry to really unlock the technique’s true potential.


At Dent Heads, we are proud of our employees’ talent and drive to improve their dent repair skills. Our tenacious and innovative technicians are skilled at providing:


●        Hail damage repair. Our Minnesota weather certainly is moody. At some point or another, everyone’s car is bound to get stuck out in the hail. We’d be happy to help remedy any resulting dents from this all-too-common occurrence.

●        Door dings. We’ve all done it: park too close to someone else’s car and get our car’s door dinged up. As long as there’s no damage to the car’s paint job, our paintless dent repair technicians can easily fix up these dents.

●        Basically any dent imaginable. We view paintless dent repair as a craft and a trade. That’s why we’re constantly working to hone our skills to fix bigger and more complicated dents. We can tackle anything from a crinkled exterior to a simple auto hail damage repair job.

Got Dents? Dent Heads is Here to Help

We’re a Bloomington paintless dent repair company with a true passion for what we do. If your car has dents, give us a call now at 612-986-1171. We can help get them fixed right up!