If your car has a dent, be it large or small, you no doubt have looked into repair methods. After all, the vehicle you transport yourself and your family around in says a lot about who you are. If you’re toting around a dented car, imagine what kind of an impression that makes!


In your research on car dent repair methods, you may have come across a technique known as paintless dent repair. Though relatively new when compared to other auto hail damage repair methods, the technique has quickly made its mark in the dent repair industry, and it seems to be here to stay.


Is this revolutionary dent repair technique right for your car and your needs? Dent Heads, a provider of hail dent repair and other types of paintless dent repair, discusses this below.

Paintless Dent Repair: The Quick, Easy Dent Repair Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you poke around our blog a bit, you’ll quickly stumble upon an explanation of the fundamentals of paintless dent repair. In short, though, it’s dent repair that’s done completely physically, without the use of harsh chemicals. Technicians use specially-designed tools to poke, prod, push, and rub dents out of your vehicle’s exterior, in many cases leaving you with a car that looks like it just rolled off the factory line.


Paintless dent repair is perfect for the vehicle owner who:


●        Doesn’t have the time to leave their car in the shop for weeks | Traditional auto dent repair businesses take their sweet time with dent repair, but not Dent Heads. Paintless dent repair is fast, and we believe our technicians are some of the best in the business. In certain cases, we can accomplish in days what it takes other dent repair companies who use traditional methods weeks to finish.

●        Wants to do the environment a favor | In certain circumstances, the chemicals used in more traditional auto shops could be considered environmentally damaging. Paintless dent repair uses no such compounds. Do the environment a favor and take the greener route when it comes to car dent repair.

●        Is looking for an economical dent repair solution | Because of how quickly it can be accomplished, paintless dent repair is relatively inexpensive when compared to other, more traditional repair shops. If money is a concern, you can save big with the help of a paintless dent repair company.


Looking for the Best in Paintless Dent Repair? Dent Heads is Here to Help

We’re a Bloomington paintless dent repair company that employs some of the most talented technicians in Minnesota. For assistance with any of your vehicle-dent needs, give us a call now at 612-986-1171.