Paintless dent repair is a relatively new technique when the whole field of car dent repair is considered. With any new method of doing things, a few misunderstandings are bound to crop up among proponents and naysayers alike, and PDR is no exception—so we at Dent Heads are here to set the record straight.

Myth: Paintless Dent Repair Can’t be Used on Cars Equipped With ADAS Technology

In a black-and-white sense, no, this isn’t true! The right paintless dent repair technicians like those at Dent Heads can get any ADAS vehicle back to you looking great in a jiffy. We’re one of the few paintless dent repair teams that can do the job right; this is because


1.      Removing any given car part (commonly done in PDR for accessibility purposes) can cause ADAS technology to become uncalibrated

2.      This means that these life-saving features become unusable

3.      You need a team like us, with experience in recalibration and with working with these systems, to make sure your vehicle is road-ready


We’ll check your vehicle before and after we finish and recalibrate if necessary. When your car’s in our garage, you can’t be in any safer hands!

Myth: Paintless Dent Repair Is Expensive

When people see “dent repair,” they tend to envision the mountainous fees that come with traditional car dent repair and hail damage repair methods—but there are no such disadvantages with paintless dent repair!


Because our process is quick and uses little machinery, we cut down costs and pass those saving onto you, without sacrificing quality.

Myth: These So-Called Hail Damage Repair Pros Are Charging Me for Something I Could Do Myself

Nope. We’ve already provided one reason why the DIY approach to paintless dent repair is unsafe: when cars with ADAS technologies aren’t given proper consideration, their systems can become unusable during the process. Paying the pros at Dent Heads to handle your dings is just the smarter route.


Additionally, while anyone can pick up a box of tools online and call themselves a technician, it takes determination and practice to actually become serviceable.


For example, lack of knowledge of the trade could lead you to do something as unnecessary as drill holes in your car (yes, you read that right) to reach a given spot and avoid more complicated procedures. What? You read on the Internet that it worked! Real paintless dent repair techs, on the other hand, know that drastic techniques like this one are hardly ever needed and have the experience to get to pretty much anything without harming your vehicle.


Even if you’ve put away the power tools, take it from the hail dent repair pros: you have to be an artisan to do PDR right.

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