If you’ve perused our blog at all, you may have seen plenty of headlines lauding the uniqueness and novelty of paintless dent repair and content that explains how awesome this method of car dent repair can be. Perhaps, though, you’re not quite yet sold. We at Dent Heads don’t mind; in fact, we applaud you! We love that you care about your vehicle and that you’re a savvy shopper that wants to get to the bottom of what auto hail damage repair methods will work best. It’s this care that we put into each and every car ourselves as hail damage repair specialists.


But, back to paintless dent repair. What, exactly, makes it different from more “traditional” methods? How do those differences affect the process and the results? We’re all too happy to answer this question and more below.

Paintless Dent Repair’s Differences Make it Amazing

In some circumstances, standing out isn’t always a good thing, but it is when it comes to dent repair methods! The auto industry is fraught with ways of operation that aren’t always the fastest, most economical, or most environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it could be said that these methods are the norm—hence the great number of auto body shops that don’t offer paintless dent repair.


Paintless dent repair differs from these norms in a variety of ways, ways which put it decidedly above more traditional techniques.


●        Paintless dent repair is fast | Where other auto shops might take days to repair a simple dent, paintless dent repair can often fix the same problem in hours—no more fretting about public transit or the welfare of your vehicle. You’ll be back on the road in no time at all.

●        Paintless dent repair is affordable | Because there is no paint involved, and the process is quick, you’re able to save big on your repair costs. No longer is dent repair a luxury saved for only the most high-end vehicles; everyone can be a responsible car owner now thanks to the affordability of paintless dent repair.

●        Paintless dent repair is environmentally friendly | Compared to other auto repair methods, which use putty and paint, paintless dent repair uses fewer resources, making it a smart choice for the eco-conscious car-owner.


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