Paintless dent repair is certainly a new innovation when it comes to car dent repair. Traditional methods that use sanding and paint have been around for quite a while. You might be leery of putting your beloved vehicle in the hands of paintless dent repair technicians, as skilled as they are, because you might feel that a tried-and-true technique that has worked fine for years will work fine now.


Admittedly, traditional dent repair methods can get the job done—but they have critical faults that make them fall behind the smarter, more innovative method of paintless dent repair. We at Dent Heads would know. As hail dent repair experts ourselves that specialize in paintless dent repair, we know all too well the advantages that our craft has over other methods, and we can safely say that, in many cases, it is the ideal dent repair method for a variety of dings and dents. Below, we’ll explain exactly why.

Paintless Dent Repair and Its Many Benefits

Paintless dent repair is a strictly mechanical way of taking care of your dents. No, not in the sense of power tools! We use specialized, hand-powered tools to gently push and massage out the dents in your motorcycle, car, or fleet vehicle. Anything from auto hail damage repair to door dings is no match for us.


Paintless dent repair soars above the competition because:


●        It’s fast. Because our technicians don’t need to bother with sanding or painting or filler, we can get the job done faster. You’ll get back in the driver’s seat in a jiffy! What traditional dent repair companies do in weeks, we can often do in days, getting you back on the road faster. With commuting by public transport being as much of a headache as it is, you’ll want to get your vehicle fixed up quickly.

●        It’s economical. Because our techniques are so quick, you, the consumer, save money. Other dent repair methods require everything from paint to sanders, and are often a multistep process, meaning that you pay more for the more extensive labor.

●        It’s green. We don’t mean the color of our tools! Because paintless dent repair is done by hand and also uses no paints, it has a considerably gentler impact on the environment than do traditional paint methods, which can use electronic tools and could introduce foreign chemicals into the environment via its usage of paint.


Curious About Paintless Dent Repair? We’re here to help.

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