Paintless dent repair is an absolutely wonderful service; it can restore cars to their factory finish in a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional auto body shop to do the same. However, just like with any service in any market, certain candidates will benefit much more from paintless dent repair than others.


Are you one of those candidates? Is paintless dent repair right for you? Dent Heads, a Bloomington mobile paintless dent repair company, discusses this below.

Does Your Car have a Dent?

Obviously, it does! You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. Having a dent or a crease makes your motorcycle, car, or fleet vehicle a great candidate for this service; the amount of things paintless dent repair can work with is astounding. Dent Heads can do:


●        Hail Dent Repair. An unfortunate summer storm can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior. Hail damage repair can quickly and easily be done without touch-up paint, as not much of the car’s interior structure will have been damaged.

●        Motorcycle gas tank dent repair. This area is often the most difficult to repair for auto technicians—especially paintless ones. Unfortunately, it’s also an area that is subject to the most collateral damage from stones, hail, and the like. They’re the most likely to need repair. Our technicians are always educating themselves and conquering bigger and tougher dents; motorcycle gas tank dent repair is no problem!

●        Repair of Fleet Vehicles. Pressed for time? Need mobile paintless dent repair? Dent Heads is on the case. If your fleet or semi needs a little exterior work, we will rush to the scene. We’ll get you back on the road as quickly as we can!

What Can’t Paintless Dent Repair Fix?

As stated above, paintless dent repair can fix almost any dent your car, motorcycle, or semi contracts. However, paintless dent repair cannot refinish your car’s paint job. It can fix the dent that may have caused the scrape, but because of the very nature of the technique (paintless dent repair), it cannot refinish that scrape.

Are You a Candidate for Paintless Dent Repair? Contact Dent Heads Today!

Because paintless dent repair can fix so many things, it always pays to contact an expert before you make the final decision on how you should repair your car. So contact Dent Heads of Bloomington today for a free car dent repair quote! You can reach us here or by calling 612-986-1171.