Summer hail storms are no fun for anyone or anything. But while you’re busy cleaning up the carnage the most recent weather has wrought upon your home exterior, don’t forget about your car, either. Those dimpled dents are certainly eyesores—and they can tank your vehicle’s value if you let them sit, especially if they begin to rust.

If you’re on top of things (good on you!), you’ve most likely looked into paintless dent repair as an affordable and quick car dent repair option. And you may have wondered: will it work for hail damage? Dent Heads, your preferred Bloomington paintless dent repair specialists, has all the answers and more below.

The Short Answer: Yes, Usually

You’re in luck; hail damage repair is generally a paintless dent repair pro’s bread and butter. Because these dents tend to be relatively symmetrical and typically don’t have chipped paint, the trained technician should be able to make quick work of them.

That’s no reason to attempt to take care of these dents yourself, though; check out our auto hail damage repair blog for the full scoop on why this isn’t a good idea. Though anyone can buy paintless dent repair tools, even the simplest dents require training, patience, and a steady hand to remedy. Only trust a pro with your beloved vehicle, even if the dents appear to be simple fixes!

The Long Answer: Results Vary

Though hail damage is usually fixable via paintless dent repair, just like with any auto work, the quality of your results will vary. Quite a few factors affect how well your paintless dent repair technician can pop that dent back into place—and what technician you choose to hire in the first place.

When Insurance Comes Into the Picture, Things Can Get Complicated

Don’t they always? Your policy’s wording will dictate whether or not you can receive coverage for paintless dent repair. The amount of coverage you receive greatly affects your ability to afford quality workmanship—and how likely your car is to come out of the shop looking like new.

Rest assured, though, that we at Dent Heads value customer service, and part of that for us is staying within your budget, as we cover in our auto hail dent repair blog. To help with that, we’ll even work with your insurance company on your behalf to get you the coverage you need.

ADAS Cars Require Special Treatment

These vehicles have specialized technology that aids the driver, and these technologies can easily become scrambled following the bodywork that paintless dent repair entails. If your car has ritzy tech like this, be sure that your PDR technician can recalibrate it for you when they’re finished, like we do—otherwise, it may become inoperational!

Dent Heads: Paintless Dent Repair Done Right

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