When it comes to getting your car back on the road, quick is the name of the game—we at Dent Heads get it, and that’s why we’re always endeavoring to get faster and more efficient at our paintless dent repair without sacrificing quality. You’ve got places to be and hours to work, and we’re here to help that happen!

While we usually can get your car in and out of the shop in a day at most, a variety of factors affect how long it will take your car to get its dent fixed. We share them below.

ADAS Capabilities

These cars come with automated driver assistance technologies, such as blind spot alerts and automatic parking. Talk about sweet rides! When it comes to car dent repair, however, ethical and knowledgeable experts like Dent Heads do take a little more time than normal with these cars.

The reason being: ADAS technologies frequently need to be recalibrated before and after hail dent repair so that they continue to reflect the physical body of the car that they serve. If they aren’t recalibrated, the tech could become nonfunctional, meaning the vehicle becomes unsafe to drive!

The Location of the Dent

Our review-endorsed five-star hail damage repair experts can usually get at even the trickiest of dings with our variety of tools. We are industry professionals, after all! That being said, no paintless dent repair technician can break the laws of physics, and sometimes a part of your car may need to be removed in order to access a dent. This, of course, adds a smidgen more time to the process.

Don’t worry, though: we’ll hand your beloved ride back to you in one piece and as good as new!

What Your Car’s Finish Is Made out of

While rest assured that no vehicle body is impossible for Dent Heads, cars made with aluminum present a trickier process than those made out of steel. This is simply due to the “movement” of the metals under the tools; aluminum is a hair more finicky than its counterpart. In these cases, giving your paintless dent repair pro the time they need to get the job done right can pay big dividends.

Dent Heads: No Dent Is too Big or Small

Don’t go through all the money and time traditional repair techniques can run; for simple dents, use common sense and give Dent Heads’ paintless dent repair technicians a call! You can reach our Bloomington location  at 612-986-1171.