ADAS technologies have revolutionized the road – and parking lots too! From backup cameras to blind spot indicators, they make driving safer, easier, and more accessible for everyone.


As convenient as ADAS-equipped vehicles are though, they need to be treated carefully when taken in for paintless dent repair – or any kind of car dent repair, really. Here’s why.

ADAS Technology Must Maintain Its Calibration to be Useful

To repair a dent, a paintless dent repair technician must sometimes remove parts of the vehicle’s exterior – a harmless procedure if you go with the right hail damage repair pros – to access the affected area with their tools. When finished, the vehicle part will be flawlessly put back together, so there’s no harm done.


Except to your ADAS system. When an entire part of your car is removed and reattached, it can drastically affect the calibration of your safety-boosting, convenience-enhancing technology. That technology will become unusable if your system is not recalibrated.


And that means:


●        Your drives get harder

●        Your safety could be at risk

●        The safety of other drivers could be at risk

Many Car Dent Repair Services Don’t Offer Recalibration

In many cases, when you get hail dent repair done, your ADAS technology must be separately recalibrated, for the obvious reasons stated above. You shouldn’t be driving without it, especially if you’re used to its presence!


However, because ADAS-equipped vehicles are so various, not many auto hail damage repair specialists are willing to go the extra step and ensure their clients safety by providing recalibration. You’re then left to search out pricey alternatives. Plus, how will you get there? Your ADAS system is broken, rendering the vehicle you need serviced unsafe to drive.

The Dent Heads Difference

We at Dent Heads feel that you should walk away with a dentless vehicle that’s slick, shiny, and safe! That’s why we’ve done our research and will recalibrate your ADAS system, repeatedly if needed, so your vehicle is safe to drive right after leaving our garage.


We’ve never left a customer underserved – not in our over-a-decade of paintless dent repair! Even as vehicles become more complex, we don’t plan to change that anytime soon.

For Simple Dents, Use Common Sense: Contact Dent Heads!

ADAS car not looking like its shiny self? The Dent Heads garage has a space waiting, and our highly recommended Bloomington team is looking forward to getting your vehicle looking like new again. To schedule service, give us a call now at 612-986-1171.