You may have heard a bunch of awesome things about paintless dent repair – that it’s affordable, that it’s eco-conscious, and that it’s quick. While all of these are true, you might also have read all about ADAS cars and how fussy they are with such a car dent repair technique, and you may wonder if you can still reap the benefits of such a method.


Good news: You don’t need to feel left out with Dent Heads around! As hail dent repair and paintless dent repair experts, we’ve done the legwork and research we need to be able to confidently and efficiently serve the unique needs of ADAS cars.

ADAS Features Must Be Calibrated Correctly to Work

ADAS systems sure are convenient; they can do anything from sense danger before a lane change to stopping your vehicle from a head-on collision. However, these seamless systems tend to make paintless dent repair anything but seamless (unless you’re working with Dent Heads, of course).


Because ADAS systems operate with the assumption that a car’s body won’t change, they can become uncalibrated after major body work. This means that, when you start up the vehicle again, your ADAS system won’t work as it should, and your car won’t drive at all like it used to. In fact, it might not be able to use its ADAS system at all!

Get Expert ADAS Recalibration at Dent Heads

We’ve done the hard work so you get a car back that’s road-ready. Once we’ve finished with our top-notch, review-endorsed hail damage repair, we recalibrate your vehicle’s ADAS features. We’ll hand you the keys, and you can drive away with your vehicle looking just like it did before whatever misfortunes befell it.


As a paintless dent repair company that embraces a revolutionary car dent repair technique, it’s only natural that we continue to welcome and learn to work with new technology. When you open your vehicle to us, you’ll get the smart, up-to-date service from technicians that truly put in the time.


Just because your vehicle is cutting-edge doesn’t mean paintless dent repair isn’t viable. You just need a cutting-edge team like us to keep up.

Dent Heads: For Simple Dents Use Common Sense

You deserve a well-cared for ride with a sleek exterior that shines, and it’s this exterior that our team promises to deliver. Give our Bloomington office a call today at 612-986-1171.