A paintless dent repair technician relies on their tools every day—they’re basically their livelihood. After all, it’s a little hard to push creases out and make a dented finish into sleek, glossy perfection with manpower alone!


However, that technician also relies on another thing: skills. Paintless dent repair tools are not easy to use, and it’s even harder to do so skillfully. That said, even the average person benefits from a basic understanding of these tools, if not to be a smart consumer to gain a better appreciation for how challenging this trade can be.


Dent Heads, a Bloomington car dent repair specialist, describes a two of  the tools of our trade below.

Simple Tools for Skilled Labor

Though paintless dent repair tools are diverse and require a great deal of skill to properly use, they often operate through simple mechanics—that is, through a pulling or pushing action of some kind. Because these tools are so simple, though, a lot of the actual skilled work is up to the technician and their judgement of the feel of that tool in their hands. It’s always best to hire a professional for even something as simple as auto hail damage repair


What exactly is up a reputable paintless dent repair’s technician’s sleeve?


●        Whale tails. Not actual whale tails! Named for their similar shape, whale tails are metal bars with a slight curve at one end and a handle on the other (which may or may not be coated in rubber). They are designed to reach around curves in your car’s finish and press a dent back into place. It’s a rather simple idea, but using the tool properly takes a steady and sensitive hand.

●        Slide hammers. A slide hammer is a t-shaped piece of metal with round bits on each arm. It also, depending on the make, could have a hole in one end to attach it to anything the technician pleases, making it a versatile tool.


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