When it comes to hauling your rig or driving your fleet vehicle, you know that efficiency means a job well done; getting deliveries to clients on time is what you strive to do on a day to day basis. Why not adopt this valuing of efficiency when it comes to the care of your fleet vehicles? Dings and dents can majorly cramp the style of your cars and trucks and reflect poorly on your company or business, so getting them taken care of as quickly as possible is good for profit margins as well as your ego.


However, traditional car dent repair can take days—time in which the vehicle sits in the auto shop, unable to be used. No driver or fleet owner worth his salt has the money to put one of his vehicles out of commission for that long. What’s the savvy owner to do?


Invest in paintless dent repair, of course! Dent Heads, a Bloomington mobile paintless dent repair firm, explains below what this maintenance technique can do for your fleet vehicle.

Mobile Paintless Dent Repair: Quick, Economical, and Convenient

When you work with big rigs, are employed as a fleet driver, or own a fleet yourself, vehicles are your livelihood. When opting to repair them, you need the work done quickly, so as not to disappoint a potential client. You also probably have profit margins in mind, so you want something economical. Moreover, massive trucks or clunky vans aren’t the easiest thing to maneuver through tight city streets; you’ll therefore also need something convenient to prevent further damage to your truck and to avoid wasting unnecessary time.


Those are tall orders on their own, but paintless dent repair is all of these things at once! It:


●        Only takes hours. Our technicians will take care of your dent in a fraction of the time it takes traditional repair shops. You’ll get back to work in no time.

●        Is cost effective. Because there are no chemicals or compounds involved in the paintless dent repair process, everything from hail dent repair to larger dents remains well within budget. Certain insurance policies also cover it!

●        Is mobile. The tools involved in paintless dent repair are transportable. Firms like Dent Heads are using this to everyone’s advantage by bringing their services to the customer. You won’t need to go off-route or drive in hazardous areas to get your vehicle the quality repair it deserves.


Need Quality Paintless Dent Repair? Dent Heads is Here to Help

Our skilled and innovative craftsmen are constantly honing their skills on bigger and badder dents. If you seek the best in paintless dent repair, contact our Bloomington location location today at 612-986-1171.