It's no secret that paintless dent repair is an advanced technology that gets the job done. A common question our team is asked is, will the dent return? There are a few things specific to paintless dent repair that are important to know, so the Dent Heads team has a list of questions about PDR to set the record straight.

Does the Damage Return After PDR?

There's a belief that, because paintless dent repair requires reshaping the metal, the damage could pop back out over time. This is not true. Paintless dent repair is intended to be a permanent solution because the metal maintains its same strength before the damage occurred, restoring your vehicle to its original state.

What Damage Can Be Repaired with PDR?

When you think of paintless dent repair, you might think of small dents and dings from hail and rocks. However, not all damage is created equal, and the spectrum is diverse! PDR is designed to remove various issues, including creases, dents, and damage from fender benders.

Is it a Better Option than Traditional Repair Services?

Traditional methods often require the damage to be pounded out, which can create more repairs. This results in sanding, grinding, and even applying bondo and repainting the affected area. Paintless dent repair does not require any of this and is completed by massaging out the dents, making it a faster and more effective solution that reduces repair time and saves you money.

Will PDR Reduce My Vehicle’s Value?

If you decide to trade in your vehicle and have any exterior repair services, this can affect its resale value. Paintless dent repair can actually enhance the value because it maintains the factory finish and avoids needing the excessive repair steps of traditional services, so the vehicle's integrity stays the same and doesn't diminish its worth.

Your Paintless Dent Repair Specialists

If you're new to the industry, these are just a few of the most common questions we get, and it’s clear that paintless dent repair is a proven and effective solution for your vehicle. Since 2007, Dent Heads has earned the highest online customer satisfaction rating in Minneapolis, and our team of experts has you covered with everything from paint protection film to window tinting and rock chip repair.

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