Hail damage is a major headache and the last thing any vehicle owner wants to deal with. While most hail storms won't affect your vehicle, if you're dealing with a severe one, it can end up being pretty destructive. 

Paintless dent repair is a proven and effective option for repairing hail damage, and the Dent Heads team is here to guide you through the process.

Assess the Damage

First and foremost, you want to check out the damage. Most often, you will find signs like small or large dents in the trunk, hood, doors, or side panels, and most likely won't cover the entire vehicle or be uniform.

You can also look for broken, chipped, or cracked mirrors and windshields, lost or missing side mirrors, and you may even find water damage inside the vehicle if the glass is broken. Make sure you thoroughly document any damages you find using photos or videos because you will need this for the insurance company to support your claim.

Start the Insurance Claim

If there is obvious damage and you choose to file a claim, your insurance provider will assign you an adjuster to look at the damage and then give you recommendations for an estimate on the repair. 

Take the time to go over your policy, see what your coverage is, and if you need to pay a deductible so you can be prepared. 

Get an Estimate 

The technician will start by giving you a damage assessment and taking measurements and photos so they have every piece of information needed to give you a transparent estimate. 

Once you have a quote, they will schedule you for an appointment to get the repair process started and get your vehicle back to looking its best. 

How the Dent Head Pros Repair Hail Damage

On the repair day, the Dent Heads team may remove specific panels or trim to reach the areas needing attention. They then use specialized tools and techniques, trained manipulation, controlled pressure, and precise movements to reform and reshape the damaged areas.

Once they're done, they will go back over the repaired areas to make sure they meet the highest quality standards, attach any components, and do any clean-up that has not been already completed.

Need Expert Paintless Dent Repair? Dent Heads Has You Covered

Paintless dent repair can get your vehicle back to its original state fast, and it doesn't require extensive bodywork and repainting. You only want the best for your ride, so why not take it to the best company around?

Dent Heads has been serving the Twin Cities metro area since 2007, and we're happy to help with everything from hail damage to rock chip repairs.

Your free quote is one click away or feel free to call our office at 612-986-1171 today to get started.