If you’re looking to make your car windows look as dark and cool as a spy’s getaway vehicle in the movies, then car window tinting is definitely for you. But as snazzy as it looks, just like any car addition, it isn’t one to be taken lightly; there are plenty of questions you need to ask yourself and sort through before you decide that window tinting is the right upgrade for you!

Luckily, Dent Heads, your Bloomington providers of auto window tint services, is here to advise. As our five-star reviews more than prove, our customers and their satisfaction are what matters most to us—so below, you’ll get preemptive answers to the most common questions about auto window tint.

Is Auto Window Tint Legal?

Absolutely! You’re smart to ask this question, though; in fact, all fifty states have laws passed regarding this vehicle upgrade to ensure consumer safety. You can learn more about all of them at the International Window Film Association, but for now, know that in Minnesota, it is illegal to tint one’s windshield, while other parts of the vehicle are permitted.

These laws tend to take the form of percentages that are applied to various parts of the car (windshield, side windows, ETC). Known as the Visible Light Percentage (VLP), this indicates “the percentage of light that is allowed to pass through the film,” according to Window Tint Laws.

The higher the percentage, the lighter the tint, and vice versa. Of course, as described above, sometimes tints may be forbidden altogether.

What Are the Benefits of Auto Window Tint?

So many that they’re hard to get into in a single blog post! One primary one is, of course, cutting down on glare and making your ride safer—not to mention more comfortable and convenient.

You can also use tint to keep your car cooler in the summer, allowing for more comfort and more versatile parking capabilities.

Finally, it of course looks cool. Certain vehicles, when window tinting professionals are through with their work, simply look sleeker and practically bleed style.

Can I DIY my Auto Window Tinting?

Can you? Sure, it’s your own car—but we highly discourage it. As we dove into above, there are requirements that must be adhered to if you want the job done legally, and hiring a pro is the only way to ensure one-hundred percent that they’re followed.

Plus, auto window tinting is a skill that requires specialized tools which aren’t always DIY-friendly. To prevent a whole bunch of wasted money and headaches, just take your car in. You won’t regret it.

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