If you’re the eco-conscious type, you’ve no doubt already taken steps toward making the planet a better place. Be it reusable bags, investing in a high-quality community recycling company, or even taking your company from wasteful to entirely zero-landfill. No matter our positions in society or our income levels, we all can do something to help our planet and make a brighter future for our children.


But can you be eco-conscious and invest in car dent repair? That is the question. Typical hail dent repair facilities use power-sucking tools and potentially toxic paints to fix up your car. While these methods might be cosmetically sound, they certainly aren’t green; the tools used alone use electricity that could be better suited to more practical purposes, you might think.


But don’t let the energy-heavy tendencies of traditional auto hail damage repair turn you off to getting dent-work done entirely. There’s a technique that brings eco-conscious and auto care together, and it’s called paintless dent repair.

Paintless Dent Repair: Stay Green and Keep Your Car’s Exterior Looking Like New!

Paintless dent repair, as its name implies, is a dent-removal technique that’s completely paintless—in other words, free of potentially toxic chemicals. Trained professionals use tools, many of which are manually powered, to push, prod, and massage dents out of your vehicle’s exterior, which leaves it looking like new. It’s gentle on your pocketbook and, more importantly, on our planet.


●        Because there are few external materials used (putty, paint, etcetera), there is less impact on the environment | Aside from their potential toxicity, it takes resources and energy to make these products—resources and energy that must be spent again and again to keep up with demand. The manual tools that paintless dent repair technicians use need to be replaced far less often, which makes it more sustainable.

●        Many paintless dent repair tools don’t use electricity | This means that, at times, manpower is the only natural resource used in the paintless dent repair process.

●        Paintless dent repair can get your car back on the road quicker | While another car on the road might not seem green at all, it can be, in certain situations. For example, because paintless dent repair is frequently completed in hours instead of days, you won’t be forced to drive the family’s old gas guzzler to work to compensate for your hybrid car’s being stuck in the repair shop.

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