Cars with ADAS features are the norm on the road these days. If your vehicle is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, make sure you’re taking advantage of them in Minnesota cabin traffic!


During the summer months, seemingly countless cars make the journey “up north,” leading to frustrating traffic situations. While ADAS cars can usually navigate this quite easily thanks to their advanced technology, it’s still up to the driver to be smart and avoid dent-causing hazards.


Dent Heads, your Bloomington paintless dent repair shop, is here to help. We’re Minnesotans and experts in car dent repair, including the post-repair required recalibration procedures for ADAS-equipped vehicles. Let’s talk about dent-preventive driving and what to do if Minnesota cabin traffic gets the better of your car’s exterior!

Keep Your Cool

Yes, it’s frustrating that it’s bumper-to-bumper, and yes, you might be kicking yourself for not realizing that it was the Friday of Labor Day weekend. But now’s not the time to make rash driving decisions! We all want to travel quickly, but with so many cars on the road, it’s all too easy to make a mistake.


Even with an ADAS car on your side, drive smoothly and carefully. Stop with the car in front of you, keeping its full rear bumper in view. And if you do clip yourself, give Dent Heads a call. With our recalibration and car dent repair knowledge, we can get your damaged ADAS car road-ready in a jiffy.

Drive Like It’s Your Job

As amazing as lane-changing sensors and traffic signal recognition is, they’re no substitute for cognizant cabin-traffic driving. When everyone wants to get somewhere, and to get somewhere quickly, drivers around you might not make the kinds of sensible decisions your technology predicts.


Though it can be boring sitting in traffic, watch the road and remain alert at all times. Even if your ADAS clears you for, say, a lane change, continue to practice the skills you were taught in driver’s ed and look over your shoulder beforehand. ADAS are driver’s assistance systems, not driving systems themselves.


And if something unexpected happens, Dent Heads, with our sophisticated paintless dent repair knowledge, will always be here to help. Our reviews are a testament to that.

For Simple Dents, Use Common Sense: Contact Dent Heads

We don’t just do hail dent repair. We’ve studied long and hard to expand from paintless dent repair and hail damage repair to servicing the dents of complex, ADAS cars. If you’re looking for an affordable, quick way to make your ride look like new again, give our Bloomington office a call today at 612-986-1171.