They’re a Midwest menace, dashing across highways at speeds seemingly higher than traffic and putting themselves – and you – in harm’s way. We’re talking about deer, of course! You’d be hard-pressed to find a Minnesotan who hasn’t hit one at least once in their lives, or knows someone who has. As sad as it is, it’s all too common around these parts.


That doesn’t mean that it’s any less stressful or monetarily taxing for you. If you don’t have the right kind of insurance, you may be responsible for paying off the resulting repairs in full. Liability insurance, for example, only applies if you’re in an accident with another driver, not after a wayward wildlife collision.


Plus, you could be dealing with potential internal damage on top of cosmetic concerns! How on are you supposed to get your car looking like new when traditional car dent repair services have such astronomical prices?

Dent Heads: Your Affordable Car Dent Repair Solution

At Dent Heads, we specialize in the versatile technique of paintless dent repair, and we’re constantly tackling bigger, more complex dents. If you have dents after hitting a deer, let us take a look! We can usually tell you just by looking at a photo whether your vehicle is a candidate for PDR.


We can’t fix EVERY dent, especially dents with sharp creases. However, it’s always worth checking out paintless dent repair before heading to a body shop, because we are able to remove dents of all shapes and sizes while keeping your original paint job intact.


And that’s just the start of the benefits we can provide!


●        Our method of car dent repair is quick, so we’re able to keep our prices low. Because of our skilled team and the inherently fast nature of paintless dent repair, we’re able to quickly send satisfied customers out the door. That means we can keep costs reasonable!


●        Have insurance working with you? We’ll help you negotiate. If your insurance does cover deer accidents, we’re here to help you get the most bang for your buck (no pun intended). Hitting a deer is stressful enough – you don’t need to negotiate with the middlemen. It’s in their best interests to deny you coverage, so we’re here to be your advocate.


●        Get your car back on the road fast. Having your freedom yanked out from under you is debilitating, to say the least. It can throw a wrench in all sorts of plans and even compromise your ability to make a living. We can accomplish in an afternoon what takes traditional auto shops days!

Contact Dent Heads Today for a Speedy Quote

Our Bloomington team would be thrilled to have the privilege of working on your car, no matter if you’ve had an unfortunate run-in with a deer or simply need hail dent repair. Snap a few pictures, send them our way, and let’s chat! We also welcome you to contact us online, or call or text us at 612-986-1171.