If your beloved vehicle has a dent, you’re probably in quite the hurry to get it fixed. You spent a lot of money on your car, after all, and maintaining its appearance is almost as natural to you as maintaining your own.


Though we at Dent Heads understand your gusto—we are paintless dent repair pros, after all—we’re here to remind you that quality car dent repair matters, as we’ve stated on our hail dent repair blog. While anyone can pick up a set of tools and call themselves a dent-repairing pro, it takes time, patience, and grit to make your car look as good as it deserves.


One way to tell that the hail damage repair company you have in mind is quality: reviews. Though internet feedback sometimes gets a bad rap, it’s an indispensable tool for vetting a business before you go to the hassle of stepping through the doors. We’ll discuss exactly why below.

What’s So Special About Internet Reviews?

First and foremost, they’re from real people and real experiences. While an elegantly written website detailing their services and a succinct mission statement are both signs of a good paintless dent repair business, they only show what that business strives to achieve—it doesn’t necessarily indicate if it actually can provide the type of service it claims it can.


Reviews are real results described by real people, and they are concrete indications that a car dent repair company is the real deal. But that’s not where the importance of reviews ends.

Reviews can show you the bigger picture.

Some businesses can be spotty with their service. While one customer might have had a wonderful experience with a given company, another might have had one that was less-than-stellar. By taking into account what type of service a majority of people received, you can better assess what type you are likely to receive.

Reviews are quick to read.

Unless people write paragraphs upon paragraphs, you can get a good picture of a company’s quality in minutes if you read reviews.


Reviews give you nuance.

Some car dent repair companies might be amazing at what they do, but fail miserably at the customer-service portion of their jobs, or vice versa. You don’t just get the big picture when you read reviews, but the details too—all the facets of a business that will make up your paintless dent repair experience.

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